Sarach & Stefith: details the life and times, and the many misadventures, of two crazy girls who live in a sunny tropical island where there exists only three seasons – rainy, hot, and @#$%-ing hot. The stories shared here cover a broad range of topics, from Sarach’s granola-making adventures to Stefith’s rambling about karma, and are guaranteed to make you laugh, sigh, and probably roll your eyes.

They also have a YouTube channel, which has very sporadic updates and is basically an extension of this blog. Feel free to contact them via email at sarachstefith@gmail.com, hehe.

Meet the crazy duo:

Sarach & Stefith

Sarach & Stefith


Sarach is about 10cm taller than Stefith. She loves chocolate to bits. Dark chocolate that is. During her free time, she likes to sing loudly and often out of tune, play the piano (especially during exam periods), the guitar, and hopes to learn how to play the violin and drums one day. Other than trying to figure out a hopeless career in music, she has a deep passion for baking, people and of course, God. You’ll find her talking about these 3 the most, and also about how Stefith is constantly making her want to buy clothes online.

Read more about Sarach here.


Stefith stands at about 157cm tall, eats excessive amounts of junk food, and relieves her feelings by plotting the demises of people who upset her. When not devising schemes to get more money, she can be found indulging in delusions of grandeur, sleeping, or planning world domination. Stefith does have her moments of profound wisdom, but those are few and far between. To her, alcohol is a solution (because, hello, did you not study high school Chemistry?) and she usually ends up laughing at Sarach’s problems instead of doing anything helpful.

You can also read more about Stefith here.


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