Chizza Party: KFC’s Latest Offering


I love fried chicken with all my heart, and I adore pizza with every bit of my shrivelled-up soul. And KFC has fused these two wonderful things together into a new dish on their menu- THE CHIZZA.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard, and gotten slightly over-excited about, the Chizza (which by the way, is a portmanteau of Chicken + Pizza, much like the names ‘Sarach’ and ‘Stefith’). I first came across it when I was trawling the Internet:

At that point in time it certainly wasn’t available here, but it was available in Japan. And since my former-editor-who-is-now-a-content strategist (actually I have no clue what her current job title is) was going to Japan, I excitedly told her to try it because sharing is caring (but also because I was attempting to live vicariously through her).

But nothing beats being able to try it for myself, so when it rolled into town, I was SO HAPPY. I didn’t get a chance to eat it immediately when it first launched, and all the reviews online seemed to be pretty negative. Some people thought it was just quirky, others thought it was a total rip-off.

Despite these reviews, however, the allure of a fried chicken base topped with tomato sauce, ham, cheese and pineapple was too great to ignore. So I went for it.


Verdict? A (borderline) yay! It’s nothing to shout about, but it’s still pretty darn tasty. It’s definitely a heart attack waiting to happen, but if you’re up for possibly clogging the arteries, this is a good place to start.


The chicken certainly looked smaller (and uglier) than in the promotional materials, and was about as big as my hand. The cheese claims to be a mix of mozzarella and the cheese sauce you get on KFC’s cheese fries, but it tasted more like the latter.

Ham is ham, tomato pizza sauce is tomato pizza sauce, and pineapples are pineapples, though I picked most of mine off (I don’t like pineapple).


Despite that, and the fact that it looks a little like it got a tad jostled en route from kitchen to tray, it was delicious. It was a bit greasy, but the meat was tender and succulent, with the crisp edge all fried chicken should have.

The pizza base is made from chicken breast, which tends to be quite dry, but this was moist and tasty. The flavours work well together, and it was certainly a nice change from the usual 2-piece chicken meal or Bandito Pockett.

Would I recommend trying it? Well, seeing as I’m considering having it again the next time I go to KFC, why not? It’s definitely an interesting idea, and worth giving a shot 🙂

The Chizza is available at all KFC outlets in Singapore, except for  KFC 632 Bedok Reservoir Road, Bukit Timah Plaza, KidZania, 261 Serangoon Central Drive, Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.


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