2016 In Review



Another year has come and gone, and it’s been one heck of a ride. So much has happened, both to us and to the world. It’s been a year with so many ups and downs, and we’ve all learnt and grown from our experiences.

2016 has been incredible for us – we graduated from polytechnic, and we started university. We travelled, we ate, we worked, we even embarked on a rather ambitious #StyleSwap project to commemorate two years of blogging together. We complained, we laughed, we screamed at each other and other people, but we’ve made it.

It’s also pretty amazing that this is our third year in review already – we started in 2014, did one in 2015, and look where we are now.

After 366 days and staring down a new year, here’s a look back at our 2016.

sarachstefith_Koh's 2


  1. Graduation! There were times during our three years in polytechnic that we thought we wouldn’t make it out alive, but we did, and now we’re proud alumni of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
  2. Starting university. We’re glad we wound up together in the same university, and that we’ve got each other’s backs during this next stage of our lives. Things may get tough, but we’re certainly tougher.
  3. Having the blog turn 2 and embarking on a rather ambitious project to celebrate. We didn’t know how long the blog would last, and it’s certainly getting harder to find time to write and produce content for it, but we’re determined to keep going no matter what (:

And now, to each of us individually.




  1. Finally getting a standing mixer so that I can make all kinds of bakes and food. But that also means a growing reliance on machines when I used to do most of the things, like kneading dough, by hand.
  2. Going on the ACTS Mission Trip, which really opened my eyes to poverty and the great contrast between the rich and poor of various societies. I also got to make loads of new and great people there which makes me excited for next year’s trip already!
  3. Lots and lots of eating. I love eating and then going on to write about it – like have you seen how many food posts I’ve written?!


  1. The elitist mentality of academia
  2. Carrie Fisher dying, and then her mom. It’s such a tragedy, especially when I just got started on this whole Star Wars thing and then she just had to die. I can really understand her influence even just through the movies, about how she was the sole woman-power through the series. Reading about her works and what she did to destigmatise mental illness and addiction offered me a newfound respect for her as well.


  1. Become slightly healthier and down my permanent 4 month food baby to a 3 month food baby. I shall attempt to be fit. The key word is attempt as I may fail, but one can only hope.




  1. 2016 being a travelling year! I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I had to travel in 2016 – #TSLGoesHongKong in February, #BangkokBlock in April, and #StefTakesJapan in June. Each trip was an incredible adventure, and there’s a bit of wanderlust now lingering in my veins
  2. Writing for TSL on a freelance basis. Last year, I wished that I’d be able to find a good freelance writing job that I could keep at even during uni, and I’m so glad that I did.
  3. Not screwing up my first semester of university. I was really struggling with all the readings and prep work required, as well as the academic rigour, but I did well and I’m so glad. Here’s to keeping it up for the next six semesters!


  1. Drifting away from friends, and losing once-close friendships. It’s part and parcel of growing older, and I’ve still got many friends who are as tightly-knit as ever, but it’s just a little sad.


  1. Good health, some degree of wealth (please), perseverance, and that I’ll embrace turning 21 and the impending responsibilities of adulthood with grace and aplomb.
  2. To get my driving sh*t together and actually be able to drive further than the grocery store without being tenser than a harp string. And without any accidents. Fingers crossed.


Happy New Year, everyone. May your 2017 be brilliant 😀


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