The Cheese Tart Taste Test


The fad of cheese tarts has reached the shores of Singapore, with the latest BAKED opening at Westgate for all the Westies like myself to enjoy.


The Straits Times did a mini review on which is the real baked cheese tart and included the newly opened in September Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts in Jurong Point. At first, I was confused as to which is the actual one, but fret not, I shall present to you the ultimate Cheese Tart Taste Test.

My boyfriend has a keen sense of taste and high expectations for his food which is why I decided to make him try out the tarts. In addition, he gets to exercise everyday in army (unlike me) and has not tried any of the cheese tarts prior to this test – making him almost perfect for it!

I decided to test out four tarts: Baked Cheese Tarts, BreadTalk, Cake History and, well, I decided why not try to make one? So I included a homemade one as well.

I got the recipe from blog, Dreamer’s Loft, and she has already experimented with all sorts of cheese, flour, what works and what doesn’t. It’s also one of the few recipes that got onto the Michelin Guide website so I thought I might as well try it out! The recipe was really easy to follow and ingredients relatively easy to find as well, although you might want to head over to Phoon Huat for slightly cheaper products.


Alright, enough random talking – here is the verdict! As pictured, I named them A, B, C, D according to how I perceive them to rank with D being the worst and also my half-burnt tarts… And here’s what he thought of the tarts:

D – Homemade: Why this one so small?? sarachstefith_cheesetarttest_dSalty, probably because of the cream cheese. Actually, quite salty, almost savoury, not sweet at all. Can taste and see the burn of the tarts – this one is a failure!

B – BreadTalk: Very sweet, can taste the creaminess of the cheese. The mousse is sarachstefith_cheesetarttest_blight, almost like a custard. The pastry is soft, keeps breaking apart. Overall, not too bad and they’ve got the texture right. (BreadTalk also carries a Golden Lava Cheese Tart which we thought was quite interesting and not too salty.)

sarachstefith_cheesetarttest_cC – Cake History: Looks wise, this is like the typical cake shop tarts. Pastry is very soft but dry. The mousse is very sweet like the previous one, but the texture is almost chalky, like a New York cheesecake. Although it is soft and light, the texture is not quite on par with the previous one. I would say this is like a cheese cake tart.

A – Baked: This is pretty good, there’s a slight saltiness, but it is very well balanced. The crust is crispy and a little hard. The mousse definitely tastes like cheese, but it is not too strong. Overall, a very good balance.

Okay, after saying that D was a failure and telling me that it “looks like something you would make!”, I had to break it to him. 😂 Hey, it’s the first time I’m trying!

Actually looks not that bad... Right?

Actually looks not that bad… Right?

I had to agree with him on the verdict though – Baked Cheese Tarts were the best. I’ve also tried the Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts from Jurong Point and did not like their pastry as much – I thought it was too hard and crispy for my liking and the cheese mousse was not as flowy as those of Baked. The ultimate verdict for me would be Baked, Hokkaido, BreadTalk, Cake History then my homemade ones. The recipe said to add salt if needed, and I think I added a little too much at the last minute. I would definitely want to try baking them again though!

BAKED Cheese Tarts
B4-33 Ion Orchard and B2-04 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
Price: $3.50 each, $19.50 for a box of 6. Customers can only buy up to 12 tarts. 

Opening Hours: 
10am to 10pm
Tips: Expect long queues, but I went slightly after 10am and there were none! They also allow you to “inspect” your tarts before purchase. 


Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts
1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-K2 Jurong Point
Price: $2.90 each; $14.50 for a box of 6
Opening Hours:
10am to 10pm
Not to be mistaken for the Baked cheese tarts – these hail from Malaysia by the Secret Recipe group. 

BreadTalk / The Icing Room
Address:The Icing Room –  B1-105 Jurong Point and B2-58 NEX; BreadTalk shops – B1-11 Paragon and B2-31 313@Somerset; Bread Society – B4-08 Ion Orchard; Toast Box – B1-167 Suntec City
Price: $2.40 each; 4 for $8.80, for both original and golden lava flavours
Opening Hours:
Various timings


Cake History
Address: Located at various MRT stations such as – Boon Lay, Toa Payoh and Bukit Batok Stations 
Price: $2.20 each
Opening Hours:
Various timings



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