Non-Entrée Desserts: An Avalanche of Flavours


Non Entrée Desserts recently captured everyone’s attention again – not for their famous Instagram-worthy Avalanche treats, but for some Singaporean savoury desserts.

HUH? Savoury and desserts? Yes, and it might seem a little weird but I assure you that this combination does make your mind blow for a while.. At least mine did.


My boyfriend and I went there on an unassuming, warm Thursday afternoon, perfect to grab some cold treats at a quaint cafe. I’m usually not one to go on an impromptu adventure but this was how it went: he sends link of some article that featured some interesting food, I go WOW, he wants to try, my sweet tooth says okay and off we went.

We tried three different desserts and I must say that all the desserts and drinks are quite Instagram-Boomerang-worthy. They all look so cute and out there to make your feed pretty and tempt others to want to try. So here’s what we had:


Bak Chor Mee ($14.90): Part of the Back To The Future series, this dessert really looks like your hawker center Bak Chor Mee. But once in the mouth, the coldness and sweetness kind of shocks you because it’s so unexpected! This dish is all about textures: the slight crunch of the sesame snow “minced meat”, ice cream “fish”ball, springy mango “noodles”. Bursts of flavors from tang of raspberry “chili sauce” and mango, sweetness of sea coconut and ice cream make it all like an explosion in your mouth! It looks so unassuming but it definitely plays around with experimental flavours. I’m not sure if the flavours are well balanced as I feel as if there’s something missing. I could be a little biased as I don’t like sea coconut which was the “mushroom”. However, my boyfriend loves it though and thought it was amazing how it plays mind tricks on those consuming it. I had to take a while to adjust and tell myself I was eating something sweet – it can really be a mentally draining eat but if you love it, go all out!


Matcha Avalanche ($13.90): This was what everyone initially came here for right?! It was a must-try for me and we took a while before deciding to get the Matcha one. They recently added Horlicks as part of the Back To The Future series but I decided we should try something that was already on the menu. Unlike the previous dessert, this is considered “safe”, with flavours that already naturally go well with each other: matcha, chocolate, vanilla, caramel bits. The warmth of the cake in contrast to the cold ice cream, is always a winning combination. It also has a pleasant texture with the crunch of the “sand” and caramel biscuit on top.

I really loved this dessert, not just because of the flavours, but the novelty of it! It’s something you can’t get anywhere else with the lava cake flowing down to your little “garden”, and then you attacking it with your spoon and munching it all down. The waiters even tell you how to go about “erupting” your cake volcano and making an avalanche of it. I would definitely go back for more.


Rubber Ducky ($12.90): You can’t just stop at two right? One look at this dessert and it really brightens up your day! It’s almost filled with sunshine and smiles that it really brings back the old times of having a rubber ducky in the pool or shower. It even comes in a bath tub and soap bubbles! This dessert is all about refreshing flavours from the tang of the lemon sorbet and mango puree. The creme fraiche pudding was good as well and paired well with everything else. My boyfriend even mentioned that it tastes like what Mama Lemon might taste like – that’s how strong the lemon taste and smell was! A really cute dessert that is just full of freshness, something you would want on a hot and sunny day!


We also tried the Ribena Lemonade (+$6 for Themed Drinks) to complete our “meal”, and it was refreshing as well! It had ice cream in it which made really pretty swirls until we drank them all up. Don’t worry, they serve water as well!


The ambiance of the place was really cool. It has a vintage feel, friendly and chill vibe – they were even playing old songs! Although it might be a bit more on the pricey side for desserts, I feel that it is really worth the experience and great for an amazing sweet treat. I thought it was perfect for a quick Thurs-date in the hot afternoon. We’ll definitely want to go back again, but heads up, it might get crowded over the weekends!

Non Entrée Desserts
204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218451
Nearest MRT:
Farrer Park 
Opening Hours: 
(Tue – Thurs) 2pm–10pm, (Fri) 2pm–11pm, (Sat) 12noon–11pm, (Sun) 12noon–10pm, Closed on Mondays


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