Six Weeks Of Uni


On Wednesdays we sit together in lecture and question our life choices. Sometimes, we wear pink.

On Wednesdays we sit together in lecture and occasionally question our life choices.
Sometimes, we wear pink.

So my first six weeks of university education have come and gone, and it’s… been an experience, to say the least. Sarach and I are schoolmates, once again, and as much as I make fun of her, I’m glad we can hang out on campus.

Going back to school after almost a year was difficult. I worked for about eight and a half months, and spent the remaining two months simultaneously freelancing, napping, and being anxious about higher learning, so getting back into the student mindset was hard.

On one hand, I have control over my modules and timetable and, because I’m in the Arts, I spend fewer hours per week in a classroom. On the other hand, work doesn’t end when I leave the premises, I’m paying (ok, my dad is paying) instead of getting paid, and the sheer number of readings I have to do make my eyes want to bleed.

It will only get worse, so if my (already poor) eyesight wants to deteriorate further as a result, I hope it waits till I’m nearly done with my current supply of daily contact lenses.

Coming from a polytechnic, which is, as the name implies, more technical, adjusting to the academic rigour of uni life hasn’t been easy. Where I was editing radio capsules and writing articles for the campus magazine, I’m now reading about theories constructed by dead white men and drafting academic essays. My biggest gripe about all my readings is how everything seems more convoluted than it has to be – seriously, there’s no need to use ten words when five will suffice, but never mind.

It’s been interesting, and I’m definitely learning a lot, as well as using parts of my brain that have been on holiday since I started work. You use different skills and think differently when you’re working as opposed to when you’re in school, I feel, and I personally still have trouble seeing how what I learn helps me in my everyday life.

Uni’s also a juggling act for me, trying to balance school with my social life, my perpetual need for naps, and writing freelance, so I hope I’ll be able to keep from descending into madness. I’ve mostly managed this by planning my schedule with near-fanatic fervour, assisted by bucketloads of self-discipline, junk food, and booze.

So far, so good. Fingers crossed, I’ll get through this alright (and hopefully with a high CAP lmao who am I kidding). 

Cheers. Where’s that beer emoji. 🍻


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