What to expect: Night Fest 2016!


People say Singapore is a city that never sleeps. Couldn’t agree more especially with the Singapore Night Festival this weekend and next.

The Night Fest is an annual event where they feature exhibits, performances and really interesting installations that always leave me awestruck. What I love about it more is the whole “festival” feel and seeing the city all lit up and vibrant at night!

I headed down yesterday for the first day of the Night Fest to catch the excitement. The whole Bras Basah – Bugis area was bustling with people, if not for after work dinners and the festival. It was a really pretty sight. This year’s festival theme, in it’s ninth edition, is about Inventions.


Some disco lights near the Festival Village

Initially, I wanted to go to the House of Curiosities, one of the main features of this year’s festival. It features a performance in what I thought would be an enclosed exhibit as it was a ticketed event ($15 per ticket/$12 for concession excluding Sistic fee). It’s on the field opposite The Cathay and I was slightly disappointed that it was pretty open. From opposite, I was able to kinda watch the performance and it didn’t seem as exciting as I hoped it was. If you’ve gone there, do prove me wrong!

Otherwise, most of the events are free of charge (yay!). There are  different zones you can wander about. I would recommend going to the main Festival Village at SMU first to orientate yourself by grabbing a festival booklet. From there, you may choose where you want to go! You can also stay there for performances, by the NOISE mantees for this week, and food ranging from churros to fish and chips.

The museums are opened, or at least available for some sort of light show outside. There are street performances at the Peranakan Museum, a really interesting light show at SAM about “Journey”, stick man lights at the National Museum. These offer a different feel about museums, almost like a Night at the Museum come alive!


Although I must say I really liked this one particular installation at the Armenian Church. I was so amazed! The lights on the trees are not only synced to the music, it’s playing, but there’s this console there for people to touch and the lights will adjust to the way the person is controlling it. What’s even more interesting is that the console / iPad thing, it is under water! Though I am not quite sure if there’s an added meaning to it, it was a really nice interactive installation that lights up the dark area.


I am obviously no expert in the different exhibits and what the night entails at this festival, but do check it out! I’ve been going for this festival for a few years now and it never fails to amaze me at what the various artists have worked hard for. And the night is still young for a city that never sleeps!

P.S. Loads of Pokemon to catch too, if you’re a Pokemon Goon (like me) or a Pokemon fanatic.


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