The Pokemon Go(on)


I think if y’all don’t know by now, I live under the rock Patrick Star lives under and I am a laggard in social psychology theory. Most of the time.

I’ve written about how I’ve never watched Star Wars until this year and has since finished all seven episodes (so good!!) and now I’ll be writing about Pokemon.

The craze has really gotten into me. I’ve never played Pokemon as a kid and only watched some of the shows which all ended with Pikachu saving everyone’s day and Nurse Joy helping the injured Pokemon. That’s as far as I remember…

However, Pokemon Go was something out of this world, almost literally, like it’s a mobile phone game that makes people get off their seats and also get out of the house which was really different than other games. Ah, the advances of technology!

It might also entice me to move more and maybe lose some extra calories.

My friends and I already created a group to go Pokemon hunting together and I obviously need a Senpai Trainer to help me hence the friends. And lo and behold, as I mentioned this morning at 8.30am that the game isn’t out yet and wondering if we needed to travel to UK to find Pokemon, my friend saw the app and started playing!


I quickly downloaded and created a trainer account and caught my first Charmander and started wandering around the house half asleep without glasses. As I sat on my sofa, I managed to catch two at the same spot. Not bad, I wondered, and started to search around the house. Within an hour, I managed to catch almost 10 just within my house alone and I’m like this is interesting!

I then went out to go to a Pokestop nearby the park and managed to get some more Pokeballs and caught like two more Pokemons. But as I spent the rest of the day indoors, I caught like so many more?! Most of them were Psyducks and Magikarps which lead to my friend to thinking that maybe my house is a nest for them.. Soon I realised I can even access the Pokestop in our living room!!

So far, the game hasn’t really led me out of the house, yet, but ultimately if I do want to catch them all, I’ll need to. Here’s my progress so far, with mostly just sitting on the same spot of the sofa that lead me to so many Pokemons.


Just remember to be aware of your surroundings! I can’t emphasise this enough, there has been accidents related to people playing the game! If you’re like me and oblivious to almost everything, it’s best to go with a friend who can keep an eye out for you when you’re hunting.

One more thing to take note, it does use up quite a lot of battery and data (or Wi-Fi). Played the game for half a day and half my battery was already gone. If you’re using data, just make sure to keep track of how much you’re using!

Also pro-tip from Stefith! She did loads of research for her article on TSL,  a great read for the curious ones! Check it here! There’s also a Straits Times article about the app too, if you would want to know more!

While Pokemon Go is a great way to bond with your friends and even make new ones, face-to-face fun and games are still always the best. Don’t lose out on amazing friendships while you catch all your Pokemon! In the meantime, good luck!



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