Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming


Ah Finding Dory was awesome, caught the movie last week and though it didn’t exactly give the feels like the first one, it was nonetheless satisfying.

But what really satisfied was my ultimate dream to swim with fishes on my trip to Krabi in May.  The waters were amazing and swimming with the fishes and being around them was both slightly scary yet mesmerising.

It was a grad trip with 3 of my other friends and we decided to head to Krabi since we just wanted to chill, and not think about life, and basically get away. I was really excited because all I wanted to do was to snorkel and get to see them fish up close and personal.


Here is my travel buddy, Mr Octopus, on his way to Phi Phi Island!

We went on two snorkelling trips, the first with the 4 island tour, and the second with Kontiki. They were both absolutely amazing! But the more impressive (and expensive) one was the latter. But it was totally worth the S$100 spent for that one day, inclusive of lunch and free flow tea, coffee, fruits and hot chocolate (!!). It was simply amazing.

We headed in our ride to Phi Phi island, about a 1.5 hour boat ride away from Krabi. I thought maybe I might not get that sea sick but I didn’t feel very good already so once we got out of the boat, I took the medication and it worked heaps as I got to enjoy the snorkels so much more!


Check out our beautiful ride 😍

We saw all sorts of fishes and it was all so exciting! The most common fish we saw was the Seargent Major which was almost everywhere there, especially in the Krabi waters where this shot was taken during the first snorkelling trip with the 4 island tour. On that one, we didn’t get to see much things, but the clans of Sea Urchins were so cute! It was as if you could pick them up and eat them, but unfortunately we would have poisoned ourselves first.


Let’s go back to the more exciting Kontiki snorkels, shall we?

The water that day was a little on the hot side – about 32ºC, and it was getting too hot for the corals. In fact, over the past month, the temperature increased by about 2ºC and as corals are really sensitive creatures, they started dying. Hence, some of the corals were washed out and white. Thankfully, we still managed to see some beautiful ones and learn so much from the trip!


Ah, such peace and serenity, wish I could go back soon!

I can’t recognise the fish species or tell you exactly what I saw but I will try. These ones made the most impression on me that I had to Google them to find out what they were!

We saw the Rainbow Parrotfish, of which our guide told us this intriguing fact. The reason why the sand on the beaches are so soft and fine, is because when the Rainbow Parrotfish poops, it becomes the food of the Sea Cucumber. And what the Sea Cucumber poops, makes the sand soft and fine. Essentially, we were all stepping on Rainbow Parrotfish poop, not that we were complaining that much.

Some of the Rainbow Parrotfish were pretty huge, almost the size of a palm with all the fingers open – and they came in all sorts of beautiful colours! From pink and purple, to blue and yellow, it was amazing.

Another experience I had with fish was this strange one that was floating near the surface of the water. Me without my glasses got excited and decided to swim close to it and soon after, realised it might be dangerous as it was a Needle Fish.

No, it isn’t as scary as it looks in the photo, but it was such a sight to see it up close!

The thought of being in the ocean again and just floating with the waves makes me miss the experience so much and I would really snorkel again, maybe at another place. Let me know if you have any suggestions on where to snorkel and I might just check that out!

It was truly a dream come true to fulfil my wish of swimming with fishes. Though I didn’t get to swim with any Dory or Nemo and Marlin, it was simply amazing to take a sneak peak into their colourful life!

I’ll talk about what else we did there some other time, but till then, here’s a splash to another great trip soon (hopefully)!



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