Farewell, Underwater World



Folks who know me know that there is a long list of things I particularly loathe, and rather high up on the list lies my intense hatred of crowded places. If I’m in a place where I can’t stretch out my arm comfortably, I am probably not happy.

However, I put my distaste aside to bid farewell to a place that has featured fondly in my childhood memories – Sentosa’s Underwater World.

darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me 🎶

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I just had nothing to do and was bored out of my tiny skull, and plans to go to the beach with Joelle were ruined by menstrual cycles and rain. As such, we decided to head down to Underwater World instead.

thanks for braving your fear to see fishies with me today hehe 🐟🐠🐡🙆

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A part of me kind of wanted to go from the moment I heard the news that they were closing down, but another part of me was certain the crowd would be killer. But since we already wanted to go to Sentosa, we went for it. Plus, the tickets were only $9, which is pretty affordable.


Now I must give major props to Joelle, who is scared of fish with their beady eyes, for accompanying me. She was remarkably stoic about the whole thing, except for one point where a particularly large fish moved suddenly and she screamed, startling both me and the couple standing in front of us. It was hilarious.


But yeah, it was really crowded (as was expected), but I enjoyed myself. I’ve always been a big fan of the sea and of aquariums, and I’m especially fascinated by creatures that live in the deep. We don’t even know all that much about things that live in the Marianas Trench, ok.

Here are some photos from our adventure, taken with my phone through panels of glass covered in human fingerprints. Please excuse the quality. 

Joelle be like "have you seen how sharp these teeth are"

Joelle be like “have you seen how sharp these teeth are”



Bro, that cannot be comfy.

Bro, that cannot be comfy.

I found Nemo.

I found Nemo. Several Nemos, in fact.

The resemblance is uncanny.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Bloop bloop.

Bloop bloop.


Going back to Underwater World was like reliving a part of my childhood. I remember going to the aquarium and watching the Dolphin Lagoon shows with my family, and scuba diving with the sharks as part of a Straits Times competition back in 2009.

Look, here’s the photo of me in the underwater tunnel for that competition:


I’m sad that it has now closed its doors for good, but it had a great run of twenty-five years, and it’ll be remembered fondly by every Singaporean who grew up with it as an iconic Sentosa attraction. All good things come to an end, but that’s just life.

At least we’ve still got the S.E.A. Aquarium, which is on my bucket list. I’ve not been yet, and it looks pretty cool.

Feel free to share any fond memories you have of Underwater World 😀 Cheers!


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