Curating with Mr Octopus


I have just finished curating over on @hellofrmsg on Twitter! Stefith did hers some time ago, and she had a lot of fun while on it. So I decided to sign up for it since, well, life is boring and I needed something to do.

So that was when I signed up for it. Now that I actually have things to do, it was a little hard to tweet 24/7 and the people there understood the restrictions which were great.

Anyway, I had an absolutely wonderful time talking to people I don’t know and asking about their opinions on university, food and food. I also introduce Mr Octopus on the account.

Who is Mr Octopus?!?? I recently made him my travel companion after wanting to bring him to Lourdes/Paris, but then the sister decided against it. What if you lose him?! She said. So yeah.


Mr Octopus at Emerald Pool in Krabi

I got him on a cruise with Royal Caribbean a few years back which made him perfect for a travel companion as I got him while travelling. Krabi is his first trip, of which I talked about during my first official day of curating!

I moved on to discuss about university and food, of which the latter soon became a common topic where we all shared what we liked to eat and where to get them. Got a number of useful tips and places such as the minced pork noodles at xxx and truffle fries at Pungol. Also, I managed to get some cool ideas on baking with my nieces which I will blog about when it happens!!

Overall, I thought curating was fun, albeit some awkward moments and strange silence which I figured the topic was just not right for the day. It also taught me how to curate or choose certain topics for the crowd. The people who follow the account are generally older than I am (working adults) so what I talk about may not excite them too!

So here were some of the things I talked about in case yknow, you missed it and wanted to see them again.

1.Snorkelling in Krabi! 

It was absolutely amazing and we had such a great time looking at all the fishes! Talked to the Twitter people about the kinds of fish and one user even recommended his sister-in-law who is an instructor, about diving – something that I really want to do!

2. Little Mix concert!

Best concert experience ever, especially when we were seated so close! Then I decided that this was a great topic to talk about – what was your best concert experience. And I realised that my scope of musicians, or at least the ones I listen to, is smaller than I thought. I’ve never heard of most of the bands/singers they brought up and it was all good talk!


Jesy was injured so on a wheelchair, but show still goes on and she even came out to sing quite a number of songs! Forever grateful!!!

3. University woes

Got them talking about which uni to choose, and NUS FASS won by a truck load. Guess who is going there then (not that their votes counted a lot in the decision making but glad to be talking to them about it!)


4. Food, all kinds of food.

I thought my best tweet was “Does sound kinda sad but food is life and life without food is even sadder”. It is true though, should become my life philosophy or something. Anyway, I went to a few good eats this week including Huat Kee Teochew Restaurantwhich offered such amazing cold crab that you can easily pull the two pincers off like this: 

The Teochew steamed fish was so good, as always, and I love the gravy/soup with the sour plum. Other things to try includes the oyster omelette and of course, Orh Ngee which is yam paste dessert. It was an expensive meal but totally worth the occasion since my family decided to celebrate me graduating.

Another one is Crossings Cafe, located at Waterloo Street. Be sure to be there on Friday nights where Fr Paul States is your bartender. He makes two types of cocktails which are potentially potent if you can’t hold your liquor well. Get the Profiteroles if you’re looking for something sweet, $9 for 3, which has 3 scoops of ice cream!


Fr Paul doing his thing!


Creamier at Toa Payoh is also another place to go for desserts. All sorts of lovely flavours of ice cream are served, including Earl Grey Lavender, and my favourite, Sea Salt Gula Melaka. Waffles are amazing as well, and they come in stacks of two so you may want to add another scoop of ice cream!


My mother also made Sarawak Laksa which got people curious. She got a gravy pack from her Sarawakian friend and it was quite nice, though nothing like our local laksa! My guess is that she may have put too much water since the gravy/soup tasted bland without much depth in flavour as I expected. Nonetheless, tasted pretty good!


Home made Sarawak Laksa

There were loads of other places/food I tweeted about during the week but these were the top few that I really want to say again.

So hopefully my week on rotation curation wasn’t so bad, I did have a lot of fun and I hope the people had fun talking to me too! Anyhow, I hope I wasn’t a bore unlike what the boyfriend says.



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