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3 years have indeed flown by. Both of us have successfully come out of polytechnic, survived FMS (while forever missing sleep) and can officially count ourselves as diploma holders. It’s pretty crazy.

You’ve seen Stefith’s post about our Grad Night at USS, and we’re now down to the Graduation Ceremony with gowns and all. First things, first, the gown admittedly makes us look disproportionate, but all graduation gowns tend to do that. We even wore the same pair of heels, because friendship is magic and we shop at Marks & Spencer.

FMS being the School of Film & Media Studies, it was almost like a shoe fashion runway. Sarach was so fascinated at there being so many pretty shoes, but Stefith admittedly was too busy trying to figure out her strategic escape to the buffet table to notice much.

The ceremony ended really quick and it was time for us, ahem, prize winners (Diploma with Merit BABY), to get up on stage. Some thoughts when we were receiving our cert:

Sarach: Don’t fall, keep walking, very good okay shake hands say thank you omg smile and hope your hair is fine. Okay bye don’t fall I need to get out why is the walk out the stage so long?! omg stairs, don’t fall okay you good get lost yaS? YAAS

Stefith: oh thank god three years of this is finally over i made it and i am still alive

It ended pretty quickly and we got our NP Bears! It was really lovely to see the whole batch of us graduate together, and seeing the familiar faces for what may be the last time of our lives. Everyone was taking photos with everyone, trying to capture as much memories as their SD cards can fill. When it all ended, it wasn’t really the food that mattered, it was more about gathering friends, meeting their parents and talking about future plans. The lecturers were all so proud of us and kept rushing off wanting to meet the rest of their “kids”.

It was an amazing afternoon and we’ll miss all the things that NP FMS has given us – here are the top few moments/things/people we will miss.


Sarach: FMS lecturers are DA BOMB, constantly helping us and pushing us to the limits. Giving us the knowledge and just enough experience to get into the industry. They say the NP mass comm diploma is one of the most coveted diplomas in the media world, and we now know why.

Stefith: Truly, we wouldn’t have made it so far without our lecturers, who know just how far to stretch us, when to let us figure out sh*t on our own, when to step in and help us out. They’re the people who gave us the skills we have today, and assured us that we’ve got a home to come back to in FMS no matter what the future holds.

2. Lectures

Sarach:  Especially during lecture breaks, where we will all go to the toilet or nearby co-op to either grab a snack or drink, or to window shop. (I did the latter more, retail therapy). Though sometimes lectures do get boring, and sleepy and the rain is so amazing… There were also music videos, news clips and even an episode of Fresh Off The Boat. That’s how current our syllabus is. DAYUM.

Stefith: There is something reassuring about sitting in a lecture theatre, learning something incredibly confusing, and then looking around to see about 90 other people looking equally confused. I’ll miss meeting up with friends from other tutorial groups during lecture, and eating snacks from the co-op on the sly during classes. What I won’t miss is trying to scrawl notes in chicken scratch handwriting at record speed, but I’ve got four more years of that ahead of me in uni so nevermind.


Sarach: OMG FOOD. I might just do a food post on the AMAZING food at NP that I will definitely miss but you absolutely cannot miss out if you go there. Kaki Fuyoung, Tom Yum Ban Mian, Waffles, Carrot Cake – If you’re an NP student reading this, you know exactly where to get them. Not to mention how my taste changed from ice milo to teh C bing to teh O bing.

Stefith: Three years in NP and while I admit the food is great, the crowds make a girl wanna scream. What I will miss most is the friendliness of some of the stall owners, as well as the delightfully cheap prices of campus food. My Milo bing only cost $1.00 it is $1.60 from the market near my office, what tragedy.

4. Friends

Sarach: They say the friends you make in poly won’t last long, more for work next time. Well, the both of us here are already trying to defy that. Being in separate semesters allowed us to help each other and grow together without the burden of group projects. That being said, we do have our own girl gangs behind our backs. And we believe that through the group work, long nights, chasing and complaining to each other is what will keep the friendship going. Sure, they are good connections for future use, but we don’t think they matter at the moment and we’ll still be talking about how adult fare is killing us internally.

Stefith: I’ll miss everyone I met during my time in poly, and it’s good to know that I’ve got some friends I can reconnect with easily if we cross paths at any point. I’ve got great friends who give sound advice, awesome companions who have my back, and just people I know I can talk to when things pop up.

best friends, best friends, to the very end 🎢 // thank you #nomoreexams for everything. it's hard to put into words just how much you girls mean to me – thanks for being so full of nonsense and energy and positive vibes, and for helping this nerdy bookworm come out of her shell. Who knew that studying together back in 2014 could lead to this ragtag bunch of misfits becoming total #squadgoals? Y'all are talented, beautiful souls, so shine bright like diamondsπŸ’Ž May we be friends for forever, through all of life's ups and downs, and may our journey together be just getting started 😊 I love you girls πŸ’•πŸ˜™πŸ’– // Grad spam part 4, and dedicated to the most amazing people #npgraduation2016 #aintnobodyfresherthanmyclique

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Special shoutout to my #nomoreexams clique, thanks for seeing the fun side of this nerd.

5. CCA(s)


Sarach:  Maybe this doesn’t apply to Stefith as much, but I was at one point, in 3 CCAs. People thought I was crazy. Yes, I had to drop Lifesaving though it was my only form of exercise but being part of CYA and CCA Champs has helped me to grow so much as a leader. Not only did I gain experience and friends, I also gained adult figures (shout out to Ms Mariam!) who helped me to go through the hardest moments of poly. Juggling two leadership positions in such different backgrounds was tough, having to stay back almost every other day and meetings on top of school work. Up till now, I have no idea how I did it and am absolutely convinced it was only by the grace of God. These two CCAs made me feel belonged and we were all on some form of mission/purpose which kept me going. I’ll really miss being part of something bigger with this group of people.

Stefith: I was very lazy about CCAs, but the one I was involved in helped me a lot through poly. Thanks CYA for keeping my faith during a time when I was certain the church was full of nothing but politics and manipulators, and for giving me a community to support me. You guys are fab.


Graduation has come and gone, and we’re staring down a new stage of life, with new challenges and adventures ahead. It’s going to be a wild ride, but it’ll be a great one. Cheers.


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