The Saddest Movies I’ve Ever Watched


I’m not so much of a TV series person, but more like a movies gal because – why watch like 10 one hour episodes for an entire story when a movie takes about the same time to finish? Those are just my thoughts, but I still follow some series shows…

Today, I will be featuring the Saddest Movies I’ve Ever Watched. It sounds vaguely sadistic, but since I just watched what might be the saddest, most outrageously depressing movie over the weekend, I thought I’ll do a collective thing and cry while writing this. Happy May Day by the way.

1. Les Miserables



Yeah, okay I kinda cheated for the first one since it’s supposed to be a “musical”, but Les Miserable is known for its epic music, script writing and of course, the slight gore, emotional yet amazing storyline. What drew me in for this movie was firstly, the whole hype about it when it first came out. Besides the duo-censoring for mainly the violence, it still managed to bring out the struggles and fears of the characters. The part that got me was when the little boy died and also during protagonist, Jean Valjean’s, final moments where he got to meet his wife again. Watched this in the cinemas and balled my eyes out, watched this half way at home while they were showing on Channel 5 and also balled my eyes out. Only difference is that I had tissue on the table.

2. Titanic



Everyone knows the storyline, I don’t need to say it. Everyone also knows why it is so SAD and DEPRESSING, I also don’t need to say it. I swore never to watch this movie again because there might be a chance that I flood the whole room and drown in my own tears.

3. Miracle in Cell No. 7



This Korean 2013 movie was the one I watched over the weekend with some of my friends and it didn’t get teary until like the last half an hour. It all seems a little blur at first, since it’s in Korean, and I tried to follow the subtitles. Then it gets clearer: Her father, intellectually disabled, was arrested for something he did not do and she tries to clear his name. I was so emotional and so angry that the next morning I woke up frustrated and prayed for all the innocent prisoners. I won’t spoil it, but get the tissues ready. The movie features Park Shin Hye who acted in The Heirs and her acting is amazingly good. She cry, I cry. CRYYY.

4. The Notebook



I shall be really honest here: Nicholas Sparks has written so many TEAR-WORTHY storylines and this is definitely not the only one. I could list a whole load, but I don’t think anything beats this tear jerking classic. Plus another confession – I don’t remember much of the story besides crying, a hot guy, and a notebook. I remember crying a lot. Another movie I swore never to watch again because it’ll probably drain all the water left inside of me.

5. Inside Out


I absolutely LOVE this movie, probably the best movie I watched in 2015. I’ve written so much about it, and the jingle will forever be etched in my memory. I felt so much emotion (literally) while watching it, and no one will ever forget that line:



And let the tears roll down. A true story of love and sacrifice.

Highly recommend these movies if you are really stressed but can’t cry cause these are SURE to make the eyes water at the very least. Plus, they’re all really good and even award winning.


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