Grad Night @ USS


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Hola amigos! Today’s post is going to be something a little more personal – it’s going to be about our recent graduation night at Universal Studios Singapore! Yes, Sarach and I have OFFICIALLY GRADUATED, and are headed onwards to the next stage of life, which, for us, is getting a university degree. Yup.

We’ll be blogging about our graduation feels and all that closer to the date, but to celebrate getting our diplomas, our school organised a super-fun graduation night event at Universal Studios. They pretty much booked the entire park for us one fine Tuesday night, and we had a blast.

I’m too much of a chicken to take the major rides like Battlestar Galactica, but I was glad for the opportunity to take rides I’ve never taken before, like the Puss-In-Boots/Jack & The Beanstalk rollercoaster. That was great, because it’s just the right amount of thrilling  for my scaredy-cat soul. It was a bit too much for my friend Ashley, who screamed the entire way and left the rest of us laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. I’m sorry friend.

I took the opportunity to try taking videos using my new DSLR (which I bought after saving up for a long time), and I therefore tried my hand at making a little video of our USS adventure.

Check it out:

Note: You may want to turn down the volume before playing this, I had some issues with the audio so it is a bit on the loud side. Sorry!

Cheers everyone! Sarach and I have some cool stuff lined up for the blog, so stay tuned for that ;D


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