Review: Koh’s Grill & Sushi Bar


Aye, so sorry for the wait. I was too busy eating and growing fat so here is yet another food post and evidence that I am indeed becoming a furry ball of fat.

Anyway, about two weeks ago, I met up with Stefith for a quick catch-up at this place we’ve been wanting to check out for a while. I’ve heard lots of great reviews about it and my sister has been going on about how good their SHIOK!! sushi is, so I was also wondering if their sushi was really shiok.

Nestled in a food court up at Wisma Atria, Koh’s Girll & Sushi Bar was bustling with people by the time we got there at around 7pm. Thankfully, we managed to reserve a table as there was a line of people waiting to get in! More information about how to reserve is at the bottom of the post – we had to SMS the person which was a little strange to me at the beginning but at least our reservation went through!

We ordered three dishes which were just enough to fill our tummies and of course, we had to try at least one of the Shiok Maki generations. They have two versions: Gen 1 and Gen 2. Gen 1 features unagi (eel) while Gen 2 has fried prawn. Stefith isn’t a fan of unagi so we got Gen 2 instead.

sarachstefith_Koh's SHIOK second gen

SHIOK! Maki Second Generation

At $16.80 for eight pieces, I felt that it was a little on the pricey side but it was quite worth it. The salmon on top was grilled so lovely with this sauce and it just melted in my mouth! The fried prawn in the middle gave some texture to the dish and it was pretty awesome. Plus, it was loaded with prawn roe on top! I remember when it was such a delicacy that I would eat up every single egg roe that fell, but Koh’s literally just scooped a heap of it and generously put them on top. What an amazing sight!

sarachstefith_Koh's SHIOK second gen2

So, if we don’t order something grilled, it’ll be a little weird right? After all, their restaurant name is called Koh’s Grill. Hence, we ordered the Beef Fillet. It was tender and juicy, with a nice salty and slightly tangy dip to go with it. However, when it first came, Stefith and I just kinda looked at each other and we knew what both of us were thinking – Huh, like that only ah?

sarachstefith_Koh's Beef Fillet

We both expected a little more than what was given, especially when it was $12! But I guess it was still pretty good (or maybe I’m trying to convince myself that spending $12 on that was alright).

Up next, I would say was the best of the three. I’m not kidding! The hype over the Shiok Maki is understandable, but this is something that really caught my surprise.

sarachstefith_Koh's Kazan Maki 2

Once again, ladeled with prawn roe!

The Kazan Maki, supposedly wrapped in asparagus and megajiki (swordfish), was amazing. Luckily for Stefith, it didn’t come in asparagus but cucumber instead and the tuna on top was oh so good!! There was also something crispy inside that made it take over the Shiok Maki at first place for me. It was such an explosion in the mouth, bursting with the saltiness of the sauce and prawn roe, tenderness of the tune fish on top, and crunch of those crispy bits of who-knows-what but as long as it’s good, I’ll eat it!

sarachstefith_Koh's Kazan Maki

I really have no idea what the crispy bits are but they are delicious. OISHII!

The Kazan Maki is also slightly cheaper that the Shiok Maki, at $15. Definitely worth a try if you like tuna and looking for something else on the menu to eat.

There you have the three dishes we had! We had a lovely time eating and talking. I must admit that the restaurant was filled with chatter and because of the endless stream of people wanting to come in, we felt like we had to eat faster before they chase us out. Service was quick and we certainly did not have to wait long for our food! Not a place to go to at peak hour if you want a long, leisurely meal but consider going if you’re looking for a quick catch-up before heading to the shops nearby!

As promised, here are the details as to how to reserve a table. Send a SMS text to +65 91803805 with your name, date, time and how many guests. May seem a bit dubious, but it worked. They’ll hold the table for up to 10mins and all guests have to be present before being seated. I’ll probably give this place a 6.5/10: thumbs up for food and quick service, thumbs down for being crowded at peak hours and price.

Koh’s Grill & Sushi Bar
Address: Wisma Atria, #04-21, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Nearest MRT: Orchard
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm


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