Marina Bay All Lit Up



If you’ve got nothing to do after work  for the rest of March, and want entertainment that’s also FREE, head down to what is pretty much the swankiest part of Singapore – Marina Bay Sands.

Till 27 March, the entire Marina Bay area has been transformed into a lightshow spectacle, with projections on the Art Science Museum, food markets by the bay, and a funfair all lit up in bright lights, complete with carnival games that you’ll probably lose a lot of money to.

I headed down one night with my better half, and it was pretty impressive! The first thing we saw was the Pasarbella market, but sadly I cannot afford $10 for a cup of cold-pressed juice. Can buy from the 7-11 in MBS next to Gongcha for $3 okay, it’s not like I can actually taste the difference. But I digress.

We went over to the Art Science Museum, and caught a pretty rad light display on the building itself. Projected onto the white curves of the building, and accompanied by vibrant music, it was an impressive sight! The best vantage point is on the Helix Bridge.

Here are some shots I took:




After watching the show at the museum for a while, we walked back to the Pasarbella market and witnessed the MOST AMAZING LIGHTSHOW EVER. They actually projected images onto jets of water dancing around the river, and the whole spectacle was complete with lasers, sprinklers, bright lights and even pyrotechnics. It was absolutely stunning, and it just sucks that I’m too short to see anything clearly.

Still, I managed to get some amazing photos:




We popped by the carnival, located at The Promontory, for a while, but mainly just to look-see. I kind of wanted to play the carnival games, but it was really expensive and I’m pretty certain I’d have blown a TON of money there, so nevermind. The atmosphere is really great though!




There’s actually a lot of other light installations and displays happening around the area, but I didn’t have time to see all of them. The ones that I did see were seriously cool, so yeah ;D

iLight Marina Bay will run till 27 March, which is NEXT SUNDAY, so you gotta go fast! Check out their website for more information and details ;D

Be sure to pay a visit to this incredible lightfest before it’s too late. Cheers!


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