#StefGlobeRollin: #TSLGoesHongKong!


Note: Sorry for the month-long quiet on the blog – Sarach was caught up with exams, and my MacBook went to heaven, so we haven’t been able to write. But we’re back, and we’ve got exciting stuff planned, so watch this space ;D


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’d know that a couple of weeks ago, I was in Hong Kong on a work trip. I honestly didn’t expect to be able to travel with TheSmartLocal – my official internship was coming to a close, and these things take time to plan, you know? But my boss sprung the news on us one morning and well, needless to say, I was really excited.

In other news I’ve also extended my time at TSL, so yay.


^this is the poor soul who had to live with me for 5 days. thanks Sandy xx

My article for TSL about Hong Kong is live, and my travel partner, Sandra, and I had a blast exploring all the different places in search of fun things to do in HK without spending too much money.

I chose the angle partially because we planned to spend A TON of money on food in order to bring you a guide to some of the most delicious/interesting/adorable food in the city, so finding things we could do without spending too much cash was imperative. 


I guess you guys can read my article on TSL to find out about the attractions we visited while we were there, so for this blog post I’ll be talking a lot more about my feelings about the trip.

It was an amazing experience. I didn’t expect to be back in HK so soon (I was just there last June with my family), and the trip was a series of firsts for me. It was my first trip travelling without family or school, as well as one where the itinerary was entirely in our hands. Sandra and I spent quite some time scratching our heads over how to plan our days there, but everything went really well!

I’ve only ever visited Hong Kong in June, which is pretty much right in the middle of summer, so going in February was an experience because it was so cold. I’m not kidding – our second day there, the temperatures dropped to 11 degrees Celsius in the city, and as a result I caught a cold because I wasn’t prepared for the drop. Jokes.


Look at how bundled up I am.

I had on so many layers I looked like a giant pau, and when we were up in the cable car up to Lantau Island, I could see my breath when I exhaled. I’ve never had that experience before, so it was really cool.


Being up in the foggy mountains visiting the Big Buddha was really interesting as well – I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to wander through a cloud, and I think this is probably the closest I’ll ever get. Lantau Island is possibly my favourite attraction in Hong Kong, so if you ever have the opportunity to go, please do. It’s damn gorgeous and super worth it.


I was also able to visit the Neko Atsume pop-up store there, and naturally I bought myself some random crap in order to fuel my obsession. Oh yeah.


I also bought myself some Gudetama slippers to wear in the office while I was visiting the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. @ my deputy editor, who cannot stand the sight of this egg-cellent creature: I’m sorry, but not really 😛


As part of our adventure, we ventured into the suburbs of Hong Kong, and visited the Kowloon Walled City Park. If you’re ever in Hong Kong and are tired of the usual tourist spots + looking for a place to take ultra glam #ootds, this is the place to do it. The park is so serene and quiet, it’s hard to believe it’s located in one of the world’s busiest cities.



The park also has a super interesting history – it was a lawless walled city rife with prostitution and illegal gambling and a ton of other vice, until it was finally torn down in the early 1990s and turned into the park today. It’s pretty hard to believe that this picturesque place has a backstory like something out of a triad film!


While we were in HK, I was able to reunite with my old buddy Darren. He was my first seatmate in TSL (aka he sat in the seat next to me) and we fostered a strong friendship while talking rubbish in the office. He’s based in HK at the moment, so he acted as our tour guide – and thank goodness for that. I think we’d have gotten horribly lost otherwise, and he was very helpful in navigating the streets of the city, which, while beautiful, are a maze.

And of course, we ate a lot of food. I’ll link Sandra’s article on some of the best cafes HK has to offer when it’s live (update: it’s live right here), but here’s a sneak peek of one of the delicious things we put in our mouths while we were there:



I’m just really glad that I was able to see a different side of Hong Kong, in the midst of winter edging into spring, a Hong Kong that’s a little greyer and a little colder, but still an incredible place.

I think Hong Kong is a city you can keep coming back to, no matter what – there’s always something new to experience and explore, and well, I’m looking forward to my next adventure ;D


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