Top 10 moments with the one who just turned 20


Because she is such a good friend, I’ll just like to rub it in that EH AUNTY STEFITH YOU JUST HIT THE BIG 2 0!!!

Today isn’t just any other day. Today is the start of the extra long CNY celebrations, my dad’s birthday which I already wrote about the amazing food, and also the birthday of the  co-owner of this blog.

Hence, I’ll just like to feature the top 10 moments Stefith has had on the blog and in her life (I think) that happened over her last year as a teenager. Well, initially I was gonna do 20 but that was like brain damaging, just in case I post something she doesn’t want the whole world to know, yknow… ANYWAY

1. Top post of 2015

This went to Stefith when she posted about how the PSI levels were higher than her PSLE score (and mine too). It garnered like 166 views on that day itself, a very very timely rant I must say.



It has also been the year of cats, where she went to like all the catty places and tried not to be too catty about it. Naw, she loved it and sent me loads of photos. Which is also why she decided to get onto Neko Atsume and air her problems.

3. Endless Telegramming

We used to talk on Whatsapp, until the introduction of Telegram stickers which then became like lyFE.

I think the past year has never been so much of meow-ing and whee-ing on our telegram messages too. Also, the exchange of stickers. Managed to find one with her fave grumpy cat too.

stefith-20-ss2 stefith-20-ss3








4. Curating on Twitter

Yup, she had loads of fun there, check it out on these posts about the Rotation Curation and Tweet-up! And I remember being one of the first few to spam her until she got, well, fed up.

5. Getting a driving license

Big deal, for the both of us actually, but here were her documentations of all the driving adventures she went through, and how you can learn from her #senpai.

Her very first lesson, and getting back on track. I am starting to sound like an old mother and it’s only number 5.

6. Internship at the totally awesome The Smart Local

Here comes the actual journalism. And it’s pretty cool to see her posts trending on my Facebook timeline too. It’s like “EH This girl wrote this ah!?!” #proudmamamoments And yes she is older than me ok.

I mean, besides the aunty post which was highly accurate since an aunty wrote it, here is the legendary Whisper Challenge one when she first started.
Someone tell me again why she said that



7. Holidays

She went to KL and wrote about it on the blog, and HK where she documented all her 5 days there. Pretty amazing eh? Look out for her grad trip adventures soon to come 😉

8. The boyfriend finally allows photos

Very important. Seeing as she is such a photo girl and constantly posting on Instagram about her latest cat adventures with Pika or just where ever she goes, finally being able to post her boy boy’s face is like a lifetime achievement for her. If not, it used to be like hands or shoulders that were all vetted then approved. He’s camera shy.

AWWWW they look so adorbs!!!!

9. Finally managing period cramps

She’s the one that gets really quite bad cramps. Really lucky I’m one of those that don’t get cramps often but this post was hilarious and I think it has served the world well. Good job Stefith. Proud of you for standing up for women with period cramps.


10. Surviving me ha ha hahah

Last but not least, her biggest accomplishment so far is dealing with me. NOT BECAUSE I’M ALL THAT BAD but sticking by me though I can be quite a nuisance. Also, being one of the best bloggers / social media influencer ever, and actually writing pretty damn good stuff over here. Not to mention, she’s the one bringing in all the readership since she entered TSL and improved her writing skills by 102384 times. She definitely leveled up this time.

Also, for all the #sarachstefithdays we’ve had, especially for our first birthday.



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