Review: Settling Down at the Coast


The last few days have been full of food adventures, and I am seriously about to get fat even before Chinese New Year. Last night, we went to The Coastal Settlement at 200 Netheravon Road in like Changi, which is quite literally the other end of Singapore for my family.

To celebrate my dad’s birthday, we decided to take the travel, after all he’s still the one driving, to the cozy restaurant my sister suggested. Mom said that we could just wear a shirt and shorts, but once we stepped in, I felt like I could have worn something better.

Donned in antiques, baby breath flowers and dim lighting, this place is perfect for a quiet getaway from the city hustle. The chatter from everyone else makes it friendly and very comfortable. Even the chairs have cushions and arms!


All the old, antique things! Some are up for sale!

We ordered seven dishes: three starters, three main courses and a dessert. It was way too much for the four of us, but the food was soooo good I’m still relishing it from last night. Let’s start with the starters.


Portobello Fries, $15: The mushroom was gently coated with batter then fried. Served with truffle mayo, it wasn’t that strong and in all honesty, I couldn’t taste the truffle when I first tried it. But take a bit more and the flavour is lovely. A great pairing with the mushroom. Ketchup is also served but come on, truffle mayo is way better.



I am now salivating.

Wagyu Cubes, $22: The best dish ever!! Served on a long plate, it had about 10 cubes of perfectly cooked Wagyu beef. The beef was so juicy and super tender and the Japanese salad dressing went perfectly with it. In my mom’s words, it was very well executed. The flavours were well balanced and the mushrooms that accompanied the beef gave an extra touch. I really don’t know how to better describe the beef, it was so delicious I am actually salivating as I’m typing this out. A definite must try.


Pot of Mussels & Clams, $23: Filled with fresh white clams and Boston muscles, the sauce was really the highlight of this dish. It was tangy, possibly because of the tomatoes, and the white wine added to it really took the whole pot of amazing-ness to a whole new level. I really liked the garlic and leek that was added to give it that pang and shiok flavour (aromatic and satisfying in Hokkien). sarachstefith-tcs-potcloseAlthough two muscles didn’t open up, the bread that went with the sauce made up for what was not there. It was well toasted with a slight crunch on the outside and you can ask for more to soak up all the delicious sauce!



Baby Back Ribs, $36: It was such a huge portion, served with barbequed corn, coleslaw and fries. The ribs were really tender, and it just pulled off the bones and left the bones bare. Really no hassle trying to eat this. However, I thought it was a bit too sweet, and some might not like the cloves that seasoned the ribs, like my mom. She did, however, like the coleslaw because it was “so homemade”.


See the plate for the ribs? Yup, it’s a lot.


Rosti Sausage, $23: My sister likes the chao da parts since it gives a crunch, and she thought there was enough smoked salmon since it was already a bit salty. I thought the chicken cheese sausage was kind of ordinary, but still good.


Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza, $23: I think the beef dishes were the best. The caramalised onion base gave such a rich and different flavour to the pizza, rather than the usual tomato paste. The beef was tender with an assortment of fresh mushrooms, like shitake, button and chinese. I love mushrooms, so this pizza was something that stood out, together with the onion base and stringy cheese.


Caramel Lava Cake, $15: Well, this one was quite ordinary. The chocolate did flow out, but we were kind of expecting some volcanic action after all the big flavours of the beef, ribs and clams. Nevertheless, it was tasty and the mint ice cream made it a little different from the usual vanilla. I loved the crunch at the side, though I’m not quite sure what it was, but it was lovely. Also not sure where the caramel is in this dish, but maybe it could have been the crunch… No one knows…

Service was really good, and the staff was attentive to what we needed and friendly as well. All smiles, really. There was even a moment where the waiter took more spoons for our dessert, then he realised that we already had them, showing that they really take care of their customers. Price wise, I thought it was affordable as portions were huge and quality was impressive. Some of the starters, like the mussels and clams, could become your main dish!

I guess you can now understand why I am about to grow very fat soon, and boy I would definitely go back to this restaurant though it is at the other end of Singapore! And if you ended up over ordering like we did, they do have a cute garden outside with tables where you can sit on the swings, take step photos or stroll around while waiting for your next course. 😉


P.S. My sister is already planning her 21st birthday party here. She has about 3 more years to plan. Happy planning sista.

The Coastal Settlement
Address: 200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529
Nearest MRT: Tampines / Pasir Ris. Take bus 29.
Opening Hours: 10.30am till 12 Midnight, closed on Mondays
You can find more information on their website here!



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