CNY decor up before the year ends?!


Just as I entered NTUC this morning – lo and behold! They’re already preparing Chinese New Year (CNY) decorations, CNY goodies, with the atrocious monkeys and quite yummy cans of abalone.


It’s pretty insane. Over breakfast, my sister told me her friend already saw yu sheng, the raw fish salad we all love (especially crackers and the raw fish right), on sale and while scrolling Twitter, a tweet that said Singapore is so efficient that CNY street decorations were up already. I chose to take it all with a pinch of salt… Until the encounter with the NTUC monkey decorations.

I’ll like to have my take on this. Yes, Singapore is indeed efficient, but did the Christmas spirit really go that fast?! Sure, we did start “celebrating” in October, but that is too early. Aren’t we all supposed to anticipate the celebration (for non-Christians) and the birth of Christ, then go full-on party mode on the day and after?

I mean, Christmas has 12 days, according to the song, and day one is Christmas Day.

So why is it that on the fifth day of Christmas (where are my five golden rings?) that CNY decorations are up already?!

I’m sure this has indeed been going on for years, but it just came to my realisation how early the Christmas season stops, just as how early it starts. This year seems extraordinary so, and I’m quite startled by it. The whole spirit of Christmas seems lost, as the decorations are down, when it should rightly be going on until the Epiphany of Christ. I am also aware that religion is getting into play with my opinions, but shouldn’t we all celebrate Christmas after Christmas Day and not only before?

It’s like CNY, you have the different days!

It’s sad to see all these things change. My dad just told me in America, people say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” because of the various celebrations around this same time. However, Christmas holds something special, not just to Christians alone, but to everyone. Though we may all celebrate it differently, part of us still remember stories of reindeers, Santa and merry making.

Christmas is the season of giving – to your friends, family, to the poor and needy. And this season shouldn’t end so fast. Come Janurary, “Merry Christmas” might not be said anymore, but the joy, love, peace and hope of Christmas, the spirit of Christmas, should last throughout the year.


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