Christmas is coming..


In less than a week, it’ll be Christmas. *cue in some Christmas carols*

I have yet to prepare anything – no presents, no baking plans, no outfit plans, no spiritual renewal because Advent etc. NOTHING.

It does kind of suck as I still have a ton of assignments to complete, even during the Christmas break. All I was dreaming was a White Christmas, and it turned out blank filled with school related work.

This is also why I haven’t been posting a lot lately, and our posts have been rather, well, either dated or coming out at the oddest timings.

Even then, Christmas is something I could look forward to despite the many many unwanted disruptions. It’s a time to meet up with relatives and friends when the rest of the year seemed a little more busy to meet.

Christmas is a season for giving, and sharing. To share the joy of the birth of baby Jesus, and to spread the news that the Saviour of the world has been born! Yes, it is a joyous occasion, especially for Christians across the globe.

But what does Christmas mean to me?

Besides the meeting of family and friends, good food, and gift exchanges, Christmas holds so many fond memories – and Christmas will continue to make memories. Though we may not be able to go back to when we were 8 and helping my cousin open presents where he received three of the same toy that year, we keep memories and moments. Then we share these memories the next year and the many years to come.

Christmas is also a time to get back to where it all started: Away in the manger where baby Jesus was born. It’s a great time, Advent remember, to go back to Jesus and have some spiritual renewal of sorts. Reconciliation not just for ourselves, but with our family and friends too. Admist all the cheer and jolly-making, I guess it creates a time for me to reflect on the whole year and see what (silly) things I’ve done, and what to be grateful for. And to get my prayer life back into shape.

So here is your not-so-typical Christmas post and just some thoughts again but fret not – it is the break and I will squeeze some time to bake. Really want to do mini log cakes like this one, what do you think?


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