School Blues: Life of a Final Year Student


Ah, yes, it’s the time where university finals are kicking in and polytechnic students are slowly feeling the pressure as the amount of work piles up from the past five weeks of procrastination.

Seems like a short time, but not when assignments were already due in week 4, and handed in, for some modules.

Which also means that my general response to life right now is:

sadness is me


Being a final year student means expectations, and also less help from lecturers since they expect you to know what to do already. I have to do things myself and it’s fun sometimes getting the freedom to do whatever topic I want for assignments and letting my imagination run wild, but it is also harder in a sense that we have to figure out how to make the idea work.

Also, we’ve had news the past week about the date and time of our graduation ceremony. GASP. I don’t even know if I can graduate but that’s the only thing I want to do and my main motivation for getting through the tougher modules.

To be honest, doing assignments are actually fun once I manage to get the hang of it, and group projects are exciting with all the big discussions and even meeting clients for projects. Maybe it’s the mental aspect, together with the lack of sleep and time but too much junk food in my system, that’s making it look hard. It’s also the process of getting the information and the research, production, that isn’t quite my thing and not forgetting that my Mac now runs on Mountain Lion (when I used to be on Mavericks and wanted to up it but something went wrong with my hard disk).

Speaking about technology problems, yes, being on an older OS is not much of a problem except my apps don’t work well anymore (think Skype and Telegram which are important tools of communication when doing school work for me), Google Drive has some problem which I have yet to figure out (probably won’t), iTunes opens with pages of just white while Calendar and Notes just looks funky compared to the one on Yosemite or El Capitan. “YA! Why don’t you upgrade!?! Free what!” you might say. But Pro Tools has been said to not work well on that, and I really need it for my assignments. Also, my external hard disk died on me, I have no idea what happened to it because I am a stereotypical girl who doesn’t really know how these things function unless it has something to do with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or in this case, WordPress.



Let’s just face it, this post was for me to let go of some steam since my brain has been killed and ideas taken for school work that I can’t come up with a proper post that’s interesting enough. And it’s also my turn to blog before Stefith says, “People are getting tired of me. It’s your turn.” So I’ll just let you go back to whatever you’ve been doing and well, thanks for listening.



P.S. I will be very grateful is NP has some cat/dog therapy like NUS did. It’ll be purrfectly stress relieving. (Video from CNA)


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