Twitter Anonymous – @hellofrmSG Tweet-up!


Some time back, I blogged about my time curating the @hellofrmSG account on Twitter, and how much fun it was. I had a really good time, and it gave me something to do in-between studying for exams. (Yes, I curated during exam season. Hashtag YOLO, or something, but I did do well for my papers so that’s that).

Recently, I had the chance to meet up with some of these incredible people in real life, and it was blast.

So at Beerfest in Rochester Park on a Friday night, we held the @hellofrmSG Tweet-Up (because it was a Twitter Meet-up and portmanteaus are the best). I honestly think it could also be called ‘Twitter Anonymous’ because let’s be real, we all met and became friends by spending excessive amounts of time on that particular micro-blogging platform.

I must admit I was initially slightly apprehensive, because these were all folks I’d only met online. Only one or two were people I knew personally, and even then we hadn’t met face-to-face in forever. Still, if nothing else, I could always just drown my face in alcohol. He-who-must-not-be-photographed, aka the boyfriend, came along with me, and that helped.

Fortunately, my fears were unwarranted. I had the best end to a workweek by chatting to people about all sorts of nonsense. We talked about everything, from cats, to stupid people doing stupid things, and even how the media in each company does things differently. We even used phone torch lights to create three point lighting in order to take food photos, which was positively hilarious.

Photo by @icedwater

All for a shot of some great salmon | Photo by @icedwater

Some people question how I can have Twitter friends, largely because you technically only follow folks you know, but the @hellofrmSG community has been such a great place that provides fabulous insights and discussions and a lot of laughs.

For me, it was just really warming to see how everyone at the tweet-up just talked to each other as seamlessly in real life as we do on Twitter. I also realised that I’m rather recognisable, mostly because of my pink-tinged hair, which is nice I guess.

yay for reuniting with old friends!

yay for old friends!

I also got to reunite with two old friends that I’ve known since early 2010 – Eisen and Phyllis. I met them during my time as a cub reporter in SPH, and it’s pretty cool how we’re still in contact and how our friendships have evolved from MSN to Twitter. Does anyone still remember instant messaging on MSN? It seems like a long time ago. Still, it was really lovely to see them again in the flesh.

The most exciting part of the night, in my opinion, was what happened with the bill. All of us combined, the damages would have been this:


Photo by @kuekj

However, because we had vouchers that afforded us 10L of free beer and 50% off our total bill (thank you Team #chopchopkalipok from SG Tipsy Trivia), the final cost was only $197.15. Considering the amount of food and booze we must have consumed, I think I’m allowed to feel smug about the massive discount.

All in all, it was a lovely night, and a great testament to some of the amazing friendships that can blossom from mentions, retweets, and trying to discuss things using 140 characters. Here’s to the community growing, and to more tweet-ups in the future!

Cheers 😀


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