My Virgin Drag Show Experience


Note: Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging so much recently and leaving you exposed to an unrelenting stream of Sarach’s posts. I’m kidding- her France posts are pretty cool, and I am green with envy. On my part, I’ve been really busy with work, and while I love it I sometimes feel creatively drained at the end of the week and just want to sleep, which leads to me neglecting my personal pursuits. So here I am to try and get my writing back on track.

Yes, you read that right. I went for my very first drag show on Saturday night, and I had so much fun. The energy in the room was great, the jokes hilarious and unabashedly vulgar, and it was just great vibes all around.

I attended RIOT! Hosted by Becca D’Bus (who is truly larger than life and amazing), which was held at TAB along Orchard Road. On a semi-related note, please remind me to reconsider my life choices the next time I decide $13 for what looked like half a pint of Tiger is a reasonable purchase. Okay moving on.

I guess the first question on your minds is- what is a drag show? Here’s an answer in the words of Becca D’Bus: “This is a show, I am a drag queen, therefore it’s a drag show.”

So yeah, the next question may very well be: What is a drag queen? According to the almighty Wikipedia, “a drag queen is a person, usually male, who dresses in drag and often acts with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles. Often they will exaggerate certain characteristics such as make-up and eyelashes for comic, dramatic or satirical effect. While drag is very much associated with gay men and gay culture, there are drag artists of all sexualities.”

Drag: “The term “drag” is used for any clothing carrying symbolic significance but usually referring to the clothing associated with one gender role when worn by a person of another gender.” So you don’t just have drag queens, you’ve also got drag kings.

Thank you, Wikipedia.

Question three: why did I decide to go for the show? A friend of mine is part of the Inter-Uni LGBT Network, and there was a $10 discount if you signed up for the show with them. That turned a $25 ticket into a $15 one. Seeing as I am not stupid, I naturally signed up with them. $10 can buy me lunch and dinner okay. Plus, I’d never been to a drag show before, and it seemed like it’d be interesting, so I went for it.

It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made recently (I made a poor one with the overpriced Tiger but who cares), because I had so much fun! Becca D’Bus is an incredible presence on stage- she’s flamboyant, dramatic, and I think one of the most memorable moments from the show was when she came on stage in a long skirt, a top made out of snack food packets, and a hat made out of a packet of Super Rings. I will never look at Super Rings the same way ever again.

Other performers include Noristar (who did some amazing on-stage costume changes), Vyla Virus (who is an absolutely amazing dancer), the Vajajays (a fabulous trio), Mona Kee Kee (stylish as heck), and drag king Papa Cherry (who did a suave rendition of NPH’s ‘Broadway Isn’t Just For Gays Anymore’).

Basically, the energy was infectious, the humour irreverent and unashamed. I had a great time.

“This is better than theatre because here you can get drunk, and we encourage it. The drunker you are, the less we have to work.” “You know what else isn’t just for gays anymore? Anal.” “The haze happened and we all stopped breathing for a while. But I guess breathing isn’t all that important.” “We have a website, Riot Drag Show dot com, just in case you didn’t know we’re a drag show.” These are just a few of the… cleaner jokes, so to speak. I spent the entire night with my stomach in stitches, laughing so hard.

Long story short- I had a blast, and I would totally go back to another show. If you’ve never been to a drag show, I really think you should. Seriously. Just have an open mind and a great sense of humour, and you’ll definitely have a blast.

For more information on RIOT!, visit their website 😀

Have a great week ahead everyone!


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