#bonjoursarach: I tried the pedalo thing for the first time 


Photo heavy post today, and well, the title would have been in caps but it would have been screaming in your face (screen) but YES I TRIED THE PEDALO THING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IT WAS SO FUN AND EXCITING. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, it looks like this:

Did a Google search for you – I obviously don’t look as hot and neither does my boyfriend. Photo: boatdesign.net

Well, now that you know, it’s basically the thing where usually the old aunties sit and just cycle in the water while the others swim, kayak or paddle with their stand up boards. However, I am absolutely not an old aunty and have done all the above mentioned before.

BUT TO TRY THE PEDALO WAS REALLY FUN!! It’s quite hard to get it in Singapore, and when I saw that when we went to Lac de Lourdes for a lunch-picnic, I was thrilled and wanted to try it so badly. There was also nothing else to do other than a kids playground so yup.

My uncle took a paparazzi photo of me and my sister

Before we get to the main part of the story, here’s a bit about the lake. Originally a glacier, nature decided to do away with it and let it melt out of love (like Olaf) into a gigantor puddle of water.

Lac de Lourdes is really beautiful and the weather that day was amazing with clear blue skies and the sun shining down on us. We went there about 11am and we were the only people there. They also had this jetty that actually is floating so be careful where there are a lot of people.

So those photos were basically me trying to be cool… Anyway, we had a cute little picnic by the lake with the food we bought from the market as well as some snacks. As mentioned, weather was amazing that day and I didn’t need to wear a jacket over!

Back to the pedalos, I wanted to try it so bad since I’ve never tried it before and we had about 3 hours to kill before the next bus arrives to the lake after lunch break. Yes, be very mindful about the bus timings here in Lourdes, and they actually provide specific timings like 2:32pm. Very unlike Singapore.

The pedalos were just floating by the jetty and after asking the person in-charge, who also owns the restaurant there, we foud out that it only costs 3€ (about S$4.80) per person for half an hour.

Boy, I was mighty excited to sit on that thing. All we had to do, after paying, was to unhook the padelo, so technically, anyone could have just used it right? 🙊

My sister and I went on it for half an hour, which was just nice since it got really sunny at about 1pm and I could feel my whole face heating up, something I haven’t exactly felt in a long time. The best part was that we didn’t really get wet at all! We didn’t capsize, thankfully. Here’s some photos of us being silly, as usual.

The sister probably Snapchatting or something

Can you see my squinting eyes

Besides riding or going or paddling (what is it even called) on the pedalo, you can also take a 6km hike around the lake, there is also a golf course there but the entrance is somewhere else, and other water sports like kayaking and the stand-up paddle. Sadly, the latter two was not available when we were there.


We did take a little hike but stopped after a while because it got a bit tough for my cousin.

We’re going on a hiking trip!

While on the lake, I saw a fish jump out of water (!!very exciting!!) and some ducks which look good enough to be made into duck confit. I even caught a shot video of them, please switch on the audio so you can hear my sister laughing at herself. Yes, she did request for me to write that.

To end it off, here is a photo of me being very happy for trying out the pedalo foR THE FIRST TIME IN (for)NEVER and the sister totally judging me.


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