The PSI is higher than my PSLE score


As a matter of fact, it’s gone above any possible PSLE score.

(PSLE stands for the Primary School Leaving Examination, and all you need to know for the purpose of this post is that the max score is 300.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.08.03 pm

As I write this, the 3-hour PSI (which stands for Pollutant Standards Index and is a measure of how bad the air quality is, read more here) is 317 and quite firmly in the ‘Hazardous’ range, which makes me feel mildly ill. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick.

We’ve been having pretty bad haze for the past two weeks or so, but the current PSI reading is the highest we’ve experienced this year.

It doesn’t help that being cooped up indoors is making me go slightly crazy. I’ve run out of DIY projects to do at the moment and I don’t have the supplies to embark on my next one. I’m also not leaving my house unless strictly necessary, and unfortunately craft supplies don’t make the cut.

So while Sarah is off enjoying the French sunshine (read about her first thoughts about Lourdes here), I’m here staring balefully out of my window and making crying sounds and envying her deeply.

Everyone is unhappy about the haze. I retweet PSI updates onto my Twitter account very often, and occasionally insert my sarcastic humour regarding the air quality because hey, that’s how I cope.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.53.07 pm

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.53.14 pm Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.53.19 pm

I’m generally just super disgruntled right now, as is everyone else. My best friend is asthmatic, so I text him every few days to check that he’s still alive. He’s taken to sending me selfies of him in an N95 mask in response. Good, he’s still breathing.

Pizza Hut, and other fast food deliveries have suspended their delivery services on account of the hazardous PSI reading, and I agree wholeheartedly with that decision. Fast food is important, but it’s not worth asphyxiation. Everyone in my house is coughing, my throat feels really itchy, and my mom has started boiling barley in an effort to soothe irritated throats/noses/etc.

I guess one sort-of-good thing about the haze is that instead of going out, we’ve been forced to stay at home and make our own fun. Okay, I cleaned out part of my room, which is not that fun, but at least it’s clean.

My brother dug out their old Nerf guns and Megazords to play shooting games…



We played Scrabble, and I lost horribly….


I sat on Tumblr and watched videos almost the entire afternoon. Seeing as today is a public holiday (yay), I took a weekday post-lunch nap, which is something I can’t do now that I’m on internship. That was pretty nice.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the entire point of this post is. Basically, the haze sucks, I want it to go away, and the root cause of this (the burning of forests in Indonesia) is a recurring problem that, unfortunately, will take many more years of hard work and sustained efforts in order to fix. I just hope they’ll be able to fix it in my lifetime.

Stay safe, folks! Remember to hydrate, shut all the doors and windows, and if you do have to leave the house, wear a mask. We can all get through this (literally) hazy period of our lives.


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