#bonjoursarach: What I ate @ Alexandra


Admist the haze craze and the PSI level reaching our Orchard Road’s 313 Somerset and above anyone’s PSLE score, I’m stuck in France (quite thankfully) and uh, helping to pray for the haze to go away, please drink up too and wear masks! Anyway…

FINALLY! I managed to eat something a bit more authentically French other than our own cooked food with our buys from Carrefour (I’ll write about my supermarket adventures another time).

Situated at Rue du Fort, this restaurant is quite easy to go to and is just down the road from the lift up to Centre Ville which is the more modern part of Lourdes. Also on the Michelin guide of 2015, Alexandra is one of the places to have really good, authentic and affordable French food.

The restaurant is often packed with people during lunch. Among the five of us, we tried the two set menus that were available, the daily lunch set and the Gourmet set.

Both sets were served with some pieces of fresh, warm baguette so we ate it on the way during the starters.

The 3-course daily lunch set meal changes everyday (or so I think), and for the day we went, the starter was Quiche Lorraine which came along side some salad. Filled with long strips of ham, it was such a huge piece that I think it could have been a meal on own!

Following which was the main course of the day. I’m not quite sure what it is called but I am guessing it was risotto, with veal, carrots and mushroom. It was quite heartwarming eating fresh warm rice again but kind of strange to eat it with a fork. The meat was tender and the rice was really well cooked in the lovely broth.

I think I’ll leave desserts to later (everyone loves the sweets so I’ll just put them together). For the Gourmet set menu, also a 3-course meal, it started with Foie Gras with season chutney. I have never eaten such a big piece of foie gras in my life!! The sweet chutney went well with the foie gras as it tends to get overly rich so the chutney was good.

The maincourse for this Gourmet set was amazing oh my gosh. Duck confit served with tomato marmalade. They gave the whole duck leg, thing and drumstick, it was quite hard to finish. The duck was so tender and all I needed was to pull the meat out.

Tomato marmelade, with some onions, was tangy so it really complemented the saltiness of the duck

Sooo juicy

The potato wedges were the bomb – probably the best I have ever eaten oh my gosh. Cooked in duck fat, the potatoes were so soft and fluffy on the inside but amazingly crisp on the outside. They even left the skin on for an extra crunch!

Seriously, best fries ever.

Alright folks, time for the desserts!! For the daily lunch set menu, I think customers are able to choose from a few options. However, we didn’t really understand what the lady owner was trying to tell us so she offered to just pick two different desserts for it. We had a fruit salad of sorts, which my uncle said was a bit sour-ish and refreshing after a heavy meal, and a slice of apple pie. The pie crust was good (way better than the ones we bought from the supermarket obviously) and was not too sweet.

This next dessert, which came with the Gourmet menu, will get you excited. Homemade Profiterole with Chocolate Sauce, sandwiched between a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The ultimate pastry to eat in France, choux pastry is hard to make at home and these were so good. With ice cream and simmered in dark chocolate sauce, this is probably the best way to end your lunch.

I’ve been talking about the food and how good it is, but here’s something else – the price is very affordable too. The daily lunch set menu costs only £14.50 while the Gourmet menu costs £19. So if you convert it to Singapore currency (multiply by 1.6), it’s only $23/$31 for authentic French food. Think about it.


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