#hpbdsarachstefith: Blog In Review


Today’s the day –Sept 20th, the day we posted our very first post on the blog in 2014, and the last day of #hpbdsarachstefith,  our grand celebration to mark one year of blogging! It’s been an amazing year, and we’re so grateful to everyone who actually reads our posts and thinks we’re worth the time to look at our nonsense 😛

When we first started running the blog, we weren’t expecting it to last beyond a few months. We thought it’d be a fun thing to do, because we were always complaining to each other about our lives and discussing our opinions on everything from makeup to food. Some of it was really funny, and we felt it was worth sharing.

As such, Sarach & Stefith was born, and look how far we’ve come! We’ve been posting (or trying to post) at least once a week for a year, and it’s safe to say we’ve been (mostly) successful! So here are our thoughts on how it’s been like running the blog over the last 365 days.



What are your feelings about the blog so far?

To be honest, I think we’ve done a really good job trying to post every week and keeping it up, nagging at each other. Coming up with stories and material is hard at times but I think we worked through it. In fact, it’s what made our friendship even closer! So I think it’s safe to say that the blog is like our life project or something – we have story ideas for weddings and buying HDB already like whAaat. 😂😂

What’s your favourite post on the blog?

I’ve got to say it’s the Llao Llao post because we were quite on point on the trend and there were so many reads that day, and it is still the most read post of all.  I still remember that day, and how impromptu we were to decide to do a little review on it. I guess that also kind of started the whole “we could blog about this” when we tried something new or went out together.

Your favourite part of running the blog?

THIS GURL LIKE without Stef, the blog would be ded. I tried blogging before and failed terribly on Tumblr and it ended up being like a fan account (those were the days man) and so, the best part of it is really having someone to run the blog with me from writing to those #sarachstefithdays or even just to talk rubbish or crazy blog ideas with.

Any future plans for the blog?

Oh loads. We aim to become professional bloggers, have huge fan bases and blog our lives away.

Okay, I’m kidding. Just to continue writing about things we love and maybe expand a bit more (in terms of topics, it’ll be great if you guys can suggest too!), and to keep it alive for as long as our friendship lasts. Which is a very long time.


What are your feelings about the blog so far?

It’s like our baby. Okay ew that’s probably not the best way to put it. I’m amazed that we’ve kept it going for a year- I’m really glad we’ve managed to bounce off each other and spur each other to keep writing. I’ve tried and failed many times to keep up a blog (I’m trying to be the next Jason Hahn) so having this crazy woman around helps. I’m really proud of what we’ve managed to do.

What’s your favourite post on the blog?

I have two favourites. One is the Llao Llao post, because it got read by so many people, and the other is my Tinder post because I think it’s f$%&ing hilarious.

Your favourite part of running the blog?

The opportunity to share my thoughts with people and do rubbish that I wouldn’t dare to do on my own (like write silly posts and make nonsense vlogs). It’s also really fun to have a project to work on with one of my best friends ever 😀

Any future plans for the blog?

Short-term, I want to expand the kind of posts we do and material we cover, and try to further hone my individual writing style. Long-term, Sarah and I hope that one day y’all will be able visit the blog and read about stuff like our graduations, wedding planning, house-hunting, baby-naming etc, in the years to come. Who knows if it’ll actually happen, but hey, a girl can hope.

Thank you so much everyone for your support, and for reading our posts! It’s been a great year – here’s to many more fun times of blogging, laughter and friendship!


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