Inside Out lets you think on the inside


On Saturday, I managed to catch the most recent Disney movie, Inside Out, together with Amplify Ministry! They booked out a whole theatre so I decided to join them, along with a few other friends, for this event. It was nice to see everyone again after so long and seeing different communities come together for something that most people generally like – movies!


I’m sure most of you know what the movie is about already, spoilers are all over my Facebook timeline way before the movie started screening here, and it’s so widely talked about so maybe I’ll skip the whole “introducing the movie” thing for once.


The animated film is all about emotions and if you think about it, how the brain works. Lots of research have gone into developing the movie and it must be somewhat factual despite the seemingly kiddish movie. I felt it was great to teach both kids and adults about psychology and emotions – it actually made me think more about how I was feeling and what was triggering it (since the emotions see through Riley’s eyes and then decide if they should be angry or scared, etc).


It’s also really good to know where your memories go to and how certain things in life may lead you to have a certain personality trait or character. Like how Riley loves hockey since she had a fun time with her parents when she was small, I love music since I’ve been playing it for like forever. So in a sense, the movie made me find out more about myself and how when I recall these memories, why I still remember them (core or long term memories) and how it has shaped me.


Gif from Huffington Post

I thought the gum advertisement that keeps replaying in Riley’s mind was quite funny like how sometimes a tune may just pop up in your head for no apparent reason. And also how they showed how the different emotions were like in other people – my favourite was the boy and they all basically panicked.

As for favourite emotion? I think they all have a role somewhere in my life, or at least in the movie. Like how Sadness eventually does help to make you feel better and you need to cry it all out or how Fear helps you to keep safe. Though I did do a random quiz online that said I was kinda close to Joy… (At least not Anger).


Overall, the movie will definitely take you in on an emotional ride from its cute, funny bits of goofball faces to the sacrifice of Bing Bong in aid to save Riley. It’ll also take you on an exciting learning journey of sorts about personality development and other aspects of the brain.

Not forgetting the foreshadowing of a sequel with puh-ber-tee. And the imaginary boyfriend.


Gif from


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