My #RotationCuration Adventure


Before I get into today’s post…

Update #1: I’m done with the studying portion of my polytechnic life! Sarah’s heading back on campus in October for her time of mugging (fair is fair) but I’ll be starting on my internship in about a week. I’m terrified, but also really excited.

Update #2: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I took my second test in early August and did not expect to pass but I did. I was so thrilled, my hands were shaking when I saw my results. So I’ve been driving around with my dad and it’s been really exciting, but that’s for another post.

Back to the topic at hand- today, I’m talking about Rotation Curation.

First up: What is rotation curation? According to the almighty Wikipedia, “Rotation Curation, also #RotationCuration, is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media account. Such a scope can be a location, a country, an organization, a group, and so on.” It typically involves someone taking over a Twitter account, but it’s also since expanded to Instagram.

It was first started in 2011 when the Twitter account @sweden was launched, to showcase the lives of the people of Sweden. Each week, a different person takes over the account and leads followers through their lives- which is the general concept applied across all rotation curation accounts. There are numerous rotation curation accounts across the globe, all the way from Australia (@WeAreAustralia) to Pakistan (@iam_pakistan). There are also rotation curation accounts for states like Brisbane (@WeAreBrisbane) and Vermont (@ThisisVT), as well as professions, companies, ethnic groups, and more.

Singapore’s rotation curation account is @hellofrmSG, which was started in 2012. I’ve been following the account since it started (mainly because an old acquaintance was the first curator), and it’s interesting to see the range of people who take over the account, from locals to Singaporeans based overseas or foreigners living in this sunny island. A variety of issues get discussed as well, everything from local politics to where to get the best char kway teow.


A few weeks back, and after much cajoling and convincing from my friends, I signed up to curate @hellofrmSG and it was an amazing experience. Seriously, it’s worth a shot. I was really afraid of what would happen (because I’ve seen some of the discussions that arise and some of the sh*t that goes down), but everyone was super nice and really encouraging! I met a lot of great Twitter people and got to hear some really diverse views, which did help expand my worldview a fair bit. I also met some folks who share some of my more obscure hobbies, like stamp-collecting, and it was really great to share my stamp collection (which otherwise just collects dust 90% of the time) and look at what stamps other people had. So fun.

I also got to talk about Pokemon, and constantly retweeted pictures of sassy hedgehogs because why not.

I guess the type of content that happens on the curation account depends largely on the curator themselves- I talked mainly about trivial stuff like food and friendship, nothing really groundbreaking, but some curators share interesting stories or raise intense discussions that can be eye-opening.

I really enjoyed my curation experience, so for anyone who’s on the fence about whether or not to give it a shot- just go for it. As long as you be yourself and be respectful, you’ll definitely have a pretty great time 😀

Also, go follow @hellofrmSG. It’ll be rad.

Cheers 😀



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