#SG50: National Day LEGO Party


As you obviously would know (and even if you’re a reclusive hermit hiding under a rock, you would know) this year is Singapore’s 50th birthday! The SG50 symbol (or some variant thereof) can be found plastered everywhere on our island, on almost everything, giving rise to the hashtag #simisaialsoSG50.

Still, I’m delighted Singapore has turned 50 (yay!) and as part of the celebration all students in Singapore (up until pre-university level) would have received a limited edition SG50 LEGO set.


It’s awesome. I love it. You can build three icons of Singapore with the LEGO set (Changi Airport, Gardens By The Bay, and Cavenagh Bridge), as well as a plethora of other fun things that result whenever you put LEGO in the hands of bored children/teenagers etc, such as this Dr. Octopus-esque character my brother B. came up with:

As such, this long National Day weekend (yessss four-day weekend), I took it upon myself to construct the three icons I could with my LEGO set. There are three levels of difficulty for each of the three icons, so you can build either the simplest version (at Level 1) or the most complex (Level 3). They say Level 3 is for those above 17, but let’s face it, Singapore children are precocious and highly intelligent they can construct it no problem.

My original plan was to build all nine variations of the three icons, but I am a lazy slob. Hence and therefore, I teamed up with my brother M to construct all three of the Level 3 icons. M built the Changi Airport one, and I did the other two.

So here are my SG50 LEGO icons of Singapore, as usual photographed badly, but you don’t read my blog posts for the photography do you (I hope not.)

Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is world-class and, in my own opinion, kick-ass. Currently the World’s Best Airport, Changi is home to three terminals at the moment (with one more under construction) and handles about 6,500 flights land or depart from Changi weekly. In 2014, 54.1million passengers passed through the airport. It was first opened in 1955, and adopted a design similar to what is currently known as the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

 Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge is currently the oldest bridge in Singapore, built in 1868. It was originally named Edinburgh Bridge, but was renamed to honour Sir Lieutenant General William Cavenagh, who was the last Governor of the Straits Settlements. Cavenagh Bridge was also the last major construction using Indian convict labour. It cost $80,000 to build and is 79.3m in length. The police notice from 1910, which says that the bridge is “restricted to vehicles under 3 cwt, including cattle and horses”, can still be found on the bridge today.

Gardens By The Bay

Spanning 101 hectares of reclaimed land, Gardens By The Bay is one of Singapore’s newest tourist attractions. Home to a plethora of conservatories and a really great place to run at (when I was still running regularly I always liked running at Gardens), one of it’s most prominent attractions are the Supertree Groves. The Supertrees mimic the ecological function of trees and are home to vertical gardens.

All information found through excessive use of Wikipedia.

Also, check out my awesome #SG50 National Day outfit. I apologise for the terrible photo quality, my phone camera is notorious for being an absolute piece of crap, but it’s okay.


Photo shot by my brother M


Photo shot by my brother M

I’m the f#&$ing Merlion, man.

Have an awesome National Day! Sing lots of happy songs, eat lots of good food, and spend some time to reflect about how far we’ve come. It’s amazing.

Cheers 😀




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