Review: Breakfast @ Marché Mövenpick at JEM


Stefith usually does the reviews for food (okay, like once) and I usually do the baking posts and how to actually make them. This time, while waiting for my food with my family and looking around this quaint cafe, I decided – why not make this a blog post?

Marché Mövenpick3 sarachstefith

Pretty quotes, for the beautiful you!

When you think of Marché, you’ll probably think of the food court style restaurant where you pay with a card first, get fantastic rosti, take photos with the moo moo cow that is always at the entrance and occasionally (like the one at 313 Somerset) get some freshly baked bread. Well, I’m not writing/talking about that one – I’m referring to the Bar and Bristo.

My family has been to Marché Mövenpick over at the JEM outlet quite a number of times just to try an alternative to the Starbucks breakfast… or so we thought. With encouraging, hipster looking typography around the shop, one should not underestimate the items on the menu.

Marché Mövenpick2 sarachstefith

That Saturday morning, we ordered 3 breakfast items and 2 coffees. What we love about this place is that there are free apples in the morning – what a way to kick start your hungry stomach with some fruit! A blow of apples is already placed on your table, along with a pot of rosemary or other kinds of herbs giving it a natural touch to the already nature-like ambiance. There is also an al fresco dining area outside at the JEM outlet, giving it a very chill vibe and I imagine it to be quite nice in the evenings.

What did we eat?

Marché Mövenpick sarachstefith

Drinks: My mom loves her cuppa cappuccino and I’m a bit more of a latte kinda girl. Each coffee came with a little cake that went well with the coffee, and it is good even on it’s own. Best part? 1-for-1 coffee promotion every day for as long as I’ve known and yes, it is still available. If you’re lucky enough to have a good barista serving you , you may even get some coffee art.

Latte sarachstefith

Latte Macchiato at S$4.90. Worth the price, especially if you’re using the daily coffee promotion!

Black Forest Ham Crepe: One of the more popular items on their breakfast menu, the crepes come in sweet and savoury flavours, made on the spot with their crepe pan at the cafe. Ours was filled with lovely cheese and black forest ham goodness, stuffed with fresh veggies, along side some salad. Not bad to start the morning with all these fruit and vegetables! The crepe was crisp, yet able to wrap around the fillings well enough to prevent them from falling out. Better to eat this while it’s warm to get all those gooey cheese on your palate!

Black Forest Ham Crepe2 sarachstefith

Not at all a creepy crepe. Look at the pot of rosemary behind though!

Black Forest Ham Crepe sarachstefith

All them cheese and veggies spilling out of it!!

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Tartine: Tar-what?! Tartine is a  French open-faced sandwich – so just imagine a slice of bread topped with some elaborate toppings of sorts and voilà! You have a Tartine. The Norwegian smoked salmon went very well with the tomato based spread and greens, topped with some Alfalfa Sprouts. It can get quite messy to eat, unless you pick up the whole thing and put it in your mouth. They also serve it on a wooden board so just take note when your toppings fall off the “plate”.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Tartine sarachstefith

Served on dark rye bread, you can also try it with Vine tomato and buffalo mozzarella (S$9.90) or Prosciutto (S$10.90)

Grilled Chicken Focaccia: Not as interesting as the previous two, but still pretty fantastic. The tomato spread is similar to the tartine, and goes well with the grilled chicken and mushrooms, and yes, the amount is as much as it looks in the photo below! And if you’re looking for an alternative sandwich to those over at the usual coffee branches, this is way tastier and quite affordable as well!

Grilled Chicken Focaccia sarachstefith

At S$5.50, I think it’s pretty worth it.

What else have we tried previously?

Marché Mövenpick Breakfast: Choice of two fried or scrambled eggs, three slices of flavourful bacon, two grilled English sausages, grilled fresh tomato, served with fresh bun and sliced bread all at S$14. 90?! Please share it with a friend too, the serving is pretty big even for me, and I can eat quite a bit. I remember sharing it with my parents along with a Tartine a while back and boy, it was a very good brunch. No need for lunch anymore. Go ahead and eat the whole thing if you have a good appetite though!

Egg White Omelette: One of my mom’s favourite, because she opts for the healthier option whenever she can. Don’t be put off by the dull, white colour though, it is very tasty and served with vine tomatoes and onions.

I must say, with the 1-for-1 Breakfast promotion on weekdays only, it is extremely worth it if you happen to take a day off, or decide to have brunch with your schoolmates (yknow, for poly students). Portions can get big too, so I recommend ordering say, 3 items for a group of 4 or 2  items for a group of 3.

Great food, but what about service?

Service is goood, especially during non-peak hours, waiters are friendly and will answer your queries about the coffee or what to eat. However, things do get pretty tight during peak periods, like Saturday mornings but do be patient. The last time I went there was quite hectic and the table we were seated at did not really help. Thankfully, we were able to catch one of the managers of sorts who did apologise and jokingly said that the girls just bring the bills, and he brings in the good stuff (food).

I can’t wait to go there!

Here’s where to find the cafe: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-03, Jem®, Singapore 608549 and the website and no this is not a PR driven post as we have yet to become very popular for that. So as all the so-called more famous bloggers write: The opinions in this post is purely the writer’s opinions.

I recommend the breakfast – as that is the only thing I’ve ever eaten there anyway – so if you do head down during lunch or dinner, let me know how it goes? 😀



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