Twenty One Pilots and Boyfriend Tees


If you want to know why all my posts recently have been pretty fluffy, it’s because I’ve been pretty swamped with schoolwork and my brain is just overwhelmed with trying to finish my assignments and studying for my exams, so I’ve been writing lighthearted stuff as a therapy for the mind.

Hence and therefore, here’s another picture-heavy fashion post highlighting a pretty cute outfit I wore on Wednesday.

And yes, I know this is like my second fashion-related post in like, a month, but admit it, you like reading them, they require no brain power. It’s just pictures. (If you don’t like them, then eh, never mind).

But anyway, this week I borrowed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Photographed’s (aka the boyfriend’s) Twenty One Pilots band tee and decided to see how I could style it. (Also, Twenty One Pilots has some really good stuff, go check out their music. Seriously.)

As you can tell, he’s definitely a lot bigger than I am (not like that’s hard to achieve though, I’m so short), hence this shirt is a lot more like a dress on me.

Therefore, I decided to style it as such.


Don’t worry, I was wearing shorts with this outfit. What on earth do you take me for. Also, midway through the day I managed to rip a giant hole in my stockings just by moving around a lot in them, which considering that they were from an el cheapo pack of like, five for five dollars, is unsurprising.

850519392_15512427579208750765What I’m Wearing: Twenty One Pilots band tee, high-waisted denim shorts from Cotton On, cheap stockings that probably cost less than $2 a pair, and the shoes I wear all the time, from Puma.

850514184_15502883500000314409Accessories: Watch by Swatch, Bracelet by Won’tyouburnb*tch, earrings from Something Mellow

850515267_1243457893495907939Nail colour: Nails Inc London in Kings Road

850512450_18370562121209192999Confusion: Am I trying to be punk rock, or totally kawaii?

Photos shot and edited by the very nice and talented Joelle, please go look at her blog okay. One day she will be famous and you will all want to claim that you knew about her before she became a superstar fashion blogger, so go check her stuff her out.

I actually quite like this outfit- it’s super comfortable, and it makes my legs look longer. Given the fact that I have stubby little legs (have you ever seen a corgi or a dachshund run? Yeah I look like that too when I’m trying to catch up to people) it’s a bonus that it kind of lengthens how my legs look.

It does also seem a bit confused- I’m not sure if I’m trying to be like emo/punk rock and cool, or trying to be a slightly rough-edged kind of kawaii.


Well, I always say kawaii rebels live forever, but immortality is kind of overrated anyway.


But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Sarah has suggested that I do up a series of me styling the boyfriend’s tees, given my penchant for raiding his closet, so that’s definitely under consideration. Do let me know what you think!

Cheers 😀


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