Running From My Problems


If you know me personally, you would probably know that I have a habit of drinking excessive amounts of Coca-Cola and pretending that my problems don’t exist.

I’m kidding, stop looking at me like that. I’ve got some escapist tendencies but I’m pretty grounded.

If you knew me in 2013, you would know that I was at the peak of my physical fitness then. I picked up running early in 2013, and by May I was working out twice a week. I swam, ran, and did some simple physical training. I could run 7km at the drop of a hat.

Needless to say, I was pretty fit, and I think there may be photos to prove it.

Those were the days.

Unfortunately, life caught up to me- around midway through my second semester of poly, I got lazy and would rather sleep in than go for a jog (I had early morning classes every day of the week except Fridays, I think I was vaguely justified), and by the time I hit my second year of poly, work and exhaustion took over my life and I transformed into a potato. I also injured my knee at some point in 2014, so running went out of the window. I also didn’t go to the pool as often because the chlorine would ruin my highlighted hair (it’s not cheap okay), and therefore I became the blob I am now.

Goodbye, bikini body.

It’s been almost a year since my last serious run (which was a 10km run that I walked half of because my knee gave way, so also not that serious), and today I finally got back on the tarmac after twelve months of half-assed jogging and hiding every time my mother asked me to go for a run.

My family signs up for the Pocari Sweat Run every year- this was our fourth time going, and I decided to just go for the 5km run this year, because, as said before, I am a potato.

Four years worth of Pocari Sweat Run medals. If I keep this up maybe I can go down in the annals of history.

Four years worth of Pocari Sweat Run medals. If I keep this up maybe I can go down in the annals of history. Sorry for the absolutely terrible photo- my phone camera is a demon at night. Also the shiny gold medal from this year is a pain to photograph IT IS SO REFLECTIVE.

I managed to finish my 5km today in 43min, which is impressive because I did zero training for it. I think I was just as fast in 2013, though my stamina is shot now, but I think I see a light on the horizon!

this is me after finishing today's 5km run. I am actually proud of myself.

this is me after finishing today’s 5km run. I am actually proud of myself.

I really want to get back into running- there’s a certain freedom in just pounding the tarmac and sweating out your stress and anxiety. When I run, it’s about me in my own mind, just putting one foot in front of the other, going onwards and leaving all my problems behind just for a little while. I want to rediscover what made me even want to start running in the first place, and hopefully keep at it.

Unfortunately, after today’s run, my running shoes broke after nearly three years of service, which means I need to go get a new pair. My tiny MP3 player also went to heaven in like February, and I don’t put music on my phone, which is rather saddening because I like having music when I run. Also, I only have one pair of decent running shorts at the moment, which now that I think about it, is bloody tragic.

I want to get back into running and get back into shape- but first, I need a new pair of running shoes and maybe another pair of running shorts.

Wish me luck.


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