PTL: SG50 JOY Thanksgiving Mass


What an amazing experience! Being involved in this huge SG50 mass was certainly very eye opening and it was just so amazing to see so many Catholics come together to give thanks to God for all He has done for us.

I was part of the pre and post-mass segments, in the choir. When my friend first asked me to join, I was a little hesitant because we had to attend 10 practices within 3 weeks, but I thought: “3 weeks only, and after con camp, I’ll be quite free right?” So I said yes. Little did I know that it was going to be so tiring and staying up to 10pm for practices after work, then heading back home will take an hour. Plus there were SATB parts which I totally had no experience in. But through hard work, prayers and believing in ourselves, we all did a great job! It was just so amazing seeing everyone so committed, putting in their voices and moves for this one afternoon to praise Jesus. 🙌


To witness 10,000 people at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday was amazing – both young and old, Catholics and non-Catholics, religious and laity. To perform for and with them was truly wonderful too, and to see all of us together as ONE church was wow-derful. Being up on stage and in the background gave me a whole different perspective as compared to when I lead worship in my own parish or in the crowd. It was definitely a nice view with everyone having fun both on and off stage, and it really made me feel proud of where I belong. Together with new and old friends, I’ve realised that we were all there for one reason which was to thank Him for everything in the past 50 years He has given us.

Big names were in the play too, like PM Lee, who graced the event with His Grace Archbishop William, Joe Augustin as emcee and Corrinne May as a performer (whom I also admire for her love for Christ and talent in music). The religious gave an astounding performance, and I could really tell that they were singing and playing from the bottom of their hearts.

I would never trade this experience for anything else – after all, SG50 is really once in a lifetime. They’ve taught me so much, not just technical things, but also to humble myself and to be prayerful in everything we do, no matter how small it is. Their excitement also surprises me, the older ones especially, since I had no qualms whatsoever about going up on stage. But they were all taking photos, and even during practices singing their parts and putting in their effort for this.

SG50 Joy

View from the side stage: The lights are so pretty and this was a pretty exciting moment too! Feelin like T-Swizzle walking up 💁

There was also this super amazing (I think I used “amazing” like 3 times already) video on the history of the Catholic Church in Singapore, filled with tiny little known facts about the role of the missionaries that helped to build Singapore. Here’s the link, about half an hour, but totally worth watching. AMAZING. I was so impressed by it and so proud of our Catholic history. Really though.

Although there were some messy moments, many “I don’t know what we are supposed to do” moments and overrunning because of time moments (pre-mass worship was 4 songs they cur to 2 because short of time), I did enjoy myself and praise the Lord for He has done great and wonderful things for the past 50 years and the next 50 years to come.

As Charles said in the prep for this mass, I would like to see an SG100 just like this one.

P.S. Check out the whole video of the SG50 Joy Celebrations on YouTube here: 


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