Pretty Reckless (Nah, Not Really)



This week on the blog, I’m taking a leaf out of my friend Joelle’s book. She’s fashion-obsessed and very experimental with her style (or as experimental as one can be given the weather we have here), and she often blogs about her outfits, as well as other things – check out her stuff here.

Inspired by her and also because she took some really nice photos of me when we went to Haji Lane in early June, here’s the outfit I wore on that day.

IMG_20150609_193603What I’m Wearing: Top by Monki, Jeggings by Uniqlo, Jacket by Something Borrowed, Sneakers by Puma

IMG_20150609_193553Accessories: Sunglasses by H&M, Watch by Swatch, Bag from ShopKysse

850513353_17996040957429966515Makeup: Lips- L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick in R514 Pearly Rubie Follie, Nails- Nails Inc London in 333 Kensington High Street


I am a professional shopping bag carrier (none of the bags in the picture, save the black one, belong to me)

Photos all shot and edited by Joelle (really, go check out her blog).

I bought this jacket online via Zalora over a year ago but never really wore it anywhere. So I’m glad I finally got the chance to wear it and style it šŸ˜€ Also this trip was my first visit to Haji Lane, and it was really interesting looking at all the shops and the architecture. The painted walls are lovely, and I’m definitely going back to 1. explore the place further and 2. take more awesome photographs.

Also, why this post is called Pretty Reckless- I’m not sure honestly, I think it’s just the vibe my entire outfit gives off? But we all know I’m hardly reckless… except maybe when I’m drunk.

I’m kidding.

I hope you enjoyed this (admittedly image heavy) post! Do let me know what you think about it and whether you’d like to see more of such fashion/style posts from either myself or Sarach, or whether we should stick to writing about cooking and eating food and complaining about how we can’t drive. Cheers! šŸ˜€


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