Driving towards a license


It’s been about 9 months since I’ve started driving lessons and I still have not secured a test date. YUP. I’m that slow, but people say it’s because I’m learning manual driving. STILL SLOW…

It has been a pretty exciting journey, learning how to drive, and I am always so excited to get into the car and drive around the roads. I think I’ve come a long way since my first driving lesson. Sure, sometimes I do make certain mistakes like turning too far or slow reactions, but it is fun. I’ve improved from travelling from an average of 20km/hr to 40km/hr for each lesson and yes, I try to push it even harder and I’ve reached nearly 70km/hr on a straight road before. It’s the thrill that gets to me and then when I reach the traffic lights I have to pull the breaks. Dayum.

I’ve always wanted to drive since I was a kid and it’s really a childhood dream come true. I’ve literally dreamt that I was driving on the left in like London (although I know it doesn’t make sense) and always wanted to press the accelerator when I say on the driver’s seat when we helped to wash the car manually. 

Driving is fun, though at times tiring, and I can’t wait to sit through the test. I haven’t driven on the circuit yet, but hopefully, I’ll be fine. Just as long as I don’t panic, I think. Then maybe drive an actual car myself legally.

Meanwhile, can someone get me a super cute car? I’ll drive you around.. *inserts cute doggy eyes and big wide smile*


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