#StefGlobeRollin: Hong Kong Day 4


Note: This was meant to be posted on 16 June 2015, but my WiFi in the hotel was behaving badly so I couldn’t upload it then. Here it is now.

Today was our last full day here in Hong Kong, and our adventure today has reminded me with all the subtlety of an anvil to the head of just how unfit I am.

We headed out to Sha Tin, which is located in the New Territories. Seeing as we’ve never visited the New Territories before, and my parents found out that there’s a nice cycling route by the ocean there, we decided to head over to Sha Tin to cycle.

Getting to Sha Tin was an experience and a half- we had to change trains thrice to get there- from Causeway Bay (where the hotel shuttle bus dropped us off at) to Admiralty, from Admiralty to Mongkok, from Mongkok to Kowloon Tong, and finally from Kowloon Tong to Sha Tin. The journey wasn’t very long- I think it was just over half an hour, but the multiple exchanges made it seem much longer.


Train from Kowloon Tong to Sha Tin

When we arrived at Sha Tin, we began looking for Sha Tin Park, which would lead us to the bicycle rental shop and the cycling trail. We got a bit lost looking for the park, and along the way we passed by Snoopy’s World- I’m not sure what is exactly, but it looked pretty cute so I snapped some photos.

Dad happened to be wearing the appropriate shirt

Dad happened to be wearing the appropriate shirt



After asking for directions, we finally found the park, which is nice and green and has bigger trees than certain parts of Punggol Park. Walking through the park led us to the cycling trail, and following some helpful signs indicating ‘Bike Rental’ led us to the rental shop. We rented five bikes and it was a pretty good deal because we didn’t pay a lot but we could use the bikes till the evening (we got there at around 11am).

Into The Woods (just Sha Tin Park, really)

Into The Woods (just Sha Tin Park, really)

Are we out of the woods yet

Are we out of the woods yet

yes we're out of the woods

yes we’re out of the woods


The shop we rented our bikes from

Armed with our bikes, we headed down the cycling track. It was actually really fun- my family is the sporty sort (I’m the aberration obviously) so we all enjoyed the cycle. We had the wind in our faces, and an amazing view of the ocean along the path- it would have been perfect, except for the blazing hot sun that left me with sunburn (This is obviously the most exposure to the sun I’ve had in a while).

I have a watch tan now

I have a watch tan now

But really, the view was lovely:

Panorama shot by my youngest brother, B.

Panorama shot by my youngest brother, B.

Panorama shot by my youngest brother, B.

Panorama shot by my youngest brother, B.


hot and sweaty urgh




pretty scenery 😀

After our cycling adventure, we dragged ourselves back to the air-conditioned confines of the mall linked to the Sha Tin train station and had lunch at Lei Garden. It’s like an upscale Chinese restaurant (so us in our sweaty, stinky clothes looked a tad underdressed) and therefore more expensive, but the food was good.

We had glutinous rice and meat dumplings, siew mai, chee cheong fun with char siew, xiao long bao, fried carrot cake, braised geese wings, char siew bao, liu shao bao and fried noodles. My only quibble is that the liu shao bao was not runny and delicious like the one we ate on Day 1 was, but otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed lunch!


After lunch we walked around the mall for about an hour, before exhaustion took over and we headed back to our hotel. Normally, we take the shuttle bus from the Causeway Bay station to our hotel- however, we missed the shuttle, and we knew that the station was about a 15min walk from our hotel. As such, we decided to walk back… but we didn’t realize that walking from the train platform to the correct exit would take about 10min as well, so that made our journey longer. We made it though, and headed up to our rooms to snack, shower and chill out before dinner.

After chilling out, we headed back to Causeway Bay and explored the area. We went to SOGO, Lane Crawford, G2000, Uniqlo… basically we just explored the place and did a spot of shopping. We bought t-shirts at Uniqlo (they have a wider range of designs than Singapore) and also bought stuff like almond biscuits and egg rolls as souvenirs for people. To my friends: don’t take it personally if I don’t give you souvenirs, I usually don’t. If I do give you souvenirs, it’s usually because 1. I feel obliged to, or 2. I truly love you a fair bit. So yeah.

IMG_2015-06-16 22:58:03

After shopping around and exploring, we went off in search of a roasted meat place because my dad wanted to eat roasted goose. After a false start and an encounter with a pushy waitress, we finally had dinner at Tai Hing. Tai Hing is famous for their roasted meats, and was recommended on our tourist map.


ooh baby

It was so worth it, and it made for a pretty great last dinner in Hong Kong. We had a roasted meat platter with goose, chicken, char siew and siew bak, vegetables with cuttlefish, and a spicy seafood tofu hotpot. Yum.

We’re headed back to Singapore tomorrow, so I’ll fill you in on what happens on Day 5 of #hkbound15 once I get back to my own bed 😀

Now, time to go pack and see if I can squeeze all these biscuits into my suitcase. Cheers!


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