#StefGlobeRollin: Hong Kong Day 3…. but not really


Today was Day 3 of our Hong Kong adventure, except we didn’t spend time in Hong Kong- we got on a ferry and went across the ocean to the casino-happy land of Macau, where we had tons of fun that did not involve the roulette in any way.

The day started with an adventure on the Hong Kong trams in order to get to the Macau Ferry Terminal. Hong Kong has a pretty brilliant transportation network of trains, buses and trams, and the trams were really cool. They’re not air-conditioned, but when they move you can feel the wind in your hair. Another fun fact- you enter via the back door and exit via the front.




the lighting in this selfie is very nice (photo with my brother, M)

We actually got on the wrong tram at first, so we had to get off and reverse directions in order to get to our destination. But we made it!

The ferry terminal is quite modern and pretty neat, and buying tickets was a straightforward process, though the signage was a bit confusing. We boarded the ferry, and I tried very hard to not throw up on my brother because the water was quite choppy and I was a bit seasick- but once the boat started moving and it wasn’t bouncing around I was fine. The ferry ride was about an hour long, and I slept through most of it. Oops.



When we reached Macau and cleared customs, we headed to our first destination: Macau Tower!

We took a public Macanese bus to the Tower. The buses there announce the stops in Cantonese, Portuguese and English. The signboards in Macau are also written in traditional Chinese and Portuguese (and even in English the places have Portuguese names), so navigation is pretty easy if you’ve got a map. The local currency is the MOP (Macau pataca), but honestly practically everywhere accepts HKD as well (the reverse is not true). MOP and HKD are tied practically one-to-one, much like Singapore and Brunei, so it makes things easier if you’re taking a day trip out like we did and you don’t want to change too much money.


this is pretty cute

At Macau Tower, we had a blast because we went for the Skywalk! It was amazing- the tower has observation decks, much like the Tokyo Metropolitan or Taipei 101, but they also have some high-element activities like bungee jumping and the Skywalk. We didn’t go bungee jumping because as someone once said, “why pay money to jump off a building?”

The Skywalk was fun- we received these orange t-shirts to change into, and then we were strapped up and harnessed and we began our Skywalk! It was a blast, and they have taking photographs for you down to an art form. The view from Macau Tower is amazing, and being out on the platform was exhilarating. It was wonderful, and while it was a supremely hot and sunny day, it meant that the skies were clear and blue and we had a great view. It’s also very cool because they give you the photos on a nifty thumbdrive/card thing, and each person gets their own 😀




the platform was scorching hot. our backsides do not thank us at all.

the platform was scorching hot. our backsides do not thank us at all.

The indoor observation deck also has a few portions with glass bottoms, which was neat! (There are two observation decks- the indoor one has air conditioning and the outdoor one is where all the activities like the Skywalk take place).


look glass-bottomed platform




I find breathing is a good thing to do that reminds me I'm alive

I find breathing is a good thing to do that reminds me I’m alive

After Macau Tower, we jumped on a bus and headed down to the more central area of town, in search of two of Macau’s most famous tourist spots- the Ruins of St Paul and the Fortaleza do Monte. Before that, we had a late lunch at this Chinese-Portuguese restaurant and it was delicious.



After lunch, we headed off in search of the tourist sites, and we accidentally stumbled right into where we were supposed to be- the tourist zones filled with shops selling everything from Starbucks to Portuguese egg tarts, from souvenir shops to Bossini and Sasa. Following the crowds of tourists led us to the Ruins of St Paul, and just behind that was the Fort. It was teeming with tourists, and the funniest thing was the Forever 21 located at the base of the ruins (I would have expected a Starbucks).


making my way downtown, walking… slow because tourists tourists everywhere (I’m one of them)


Look St Paul’s Ruins


The Ruins of St Paul


At the Fort!


The giant golden thing is Hotel Lisboa, which fills me with the urge to shield my eyes and cringe. So ostentatious, but apparently has very good fengshui. As with most hotels in Macau, it has an attached casino.

The giant golden thing is Hotel Lisboa, which fills me with the urge to shield my eyes and cringe. So ostentatious, but apparently has very good fengshui. As with most hotels in Macau, it has an attached casino.

Still, the sights were amazing, and it was a pretty interesting insight into Macau’s history.

After visiting the Ruins and the Fort, we had our Portuguese egg tarts- flaky pastry, creamy filling, totally amazing. Then we hopped on a bus and headed back to the ferry terminal to return to Hong Kong. We had dinner at Causeway Bay, and then headed back to the hotel to rest.


ooooooh baby

Dinner at this restaurant in the Causeway Bay area!

Dinner at this restaurant in the Causeway Bay area!

I also tried this beer after dinner, which is pretty popular in Hong Kong- Blue Girl, and it was nice! Then again I drink almost anything so maybe I’m not the best person to say anything.

Blue Girl ('Lan Mu')

Blue Girl (‘Lan Mu’)

I can’t believe it’s already Day 3 of #hkbound15- only about two days left, and it’s a bittersweet feeling. Here’s to making the most out of the time I have left! 😀




5 thoughts on “#StefGlobeRollin: Hong Kong Day 3…. but not really

  1. Skywalk and the Glass Floor look terrifying! – have you ever done anything like that before?

    I think we will be keeping to the ruins and the fort when we visit!


  2. Awesome ! I’m heading to Hong Kong in just under 2 weeks and hopefully plan to spend a day trip to Macau! Is clearing customs pretty straightforward and easy? And how much was the ferry ride over?


    • Hello! Yes, clearing customs is pretty straightforward, you do need your passport to get from Hong Kong to Macau. In general my family and I just followed the crowd (which worked out pretty well for us!). The ferry ride cost us 164HKD per person one-way (: I hope this helps! – Stefith

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