#StefGlobeRollin: HK Day 2


As I write this, I am sprawled on my brother’s hotel room bed, and my feet are aching. I don’t think I’ve walked this much in a long time, which is obviously a testament to how unfit I really am. Oh well.

Today, we headed out to see the Big Buddha statue at Lantau Island, which is located at the top of a very high hill.


We took the train to Tung Chung, and from there we planned to take the cable car up to where the Big Buddha was. However, it rained really heavily, so the cable car service was suspended indefinitely until the weather cleared up. The staff told us we could take a bus up the mountain as well, so that’s what we decided to do. I was a little disappointed at missing the cable car, but the bus ride made up for it because the slopes up the mountain are winding and steep and it was vaguely reminiscent of a roller coaster at one point. We also got to see some really amazing scenery along the way.




When we reached the top, we had to run for cover because just as we stepped off the bus, the heavens opened up and there was a torrential downpour. My brother, who had been dozing on the bus and was half-asleep when we alighted, got a rude awakening. Fortunately, it lessened after a little while and the sun came out in full force, so we headed up to see Big Buddha.

Climbing up to see Buddha was not fun, my knees do not thank me, but the view when we got up there was breathtaking and made the steps somewhat worth it.


look at the steps ermahgerd.

The view was gorgeous:



So after visiting Buddha, we headed back down (it’s easier going downhill) and to my delight we took the cable car back down the mountain! That also netted some amazing sights and I thoroughly enjoyed the cable car ride 😀




We had roasted meat for lunch at an outlet mall called Citygate Outlets, and then we just walked around. Hong Kong prices and Singapore prices are about the same, so I just bought two cool shirts from Espirit because they were really affordable (69HKD per shirt).


After resting at our hotel for a few hours, we headed out to Temple Street, where we ate dinner at this restaurant hidden behind a plastic sheet and where there was a probably-imitation-but-maybe-genuine luxury handbag business going on in the back alley, but the food was really good and cheap. Our meal for five people came up to about 250HKD, approximately 45SGD, which is amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the food, but here’s a photo of my clam shells (and some other sights).



Interior of the restaurant we had dinner at


Entrance to Temple Street

Walking through Temple Street

Walking through Temple Street

After dinner, we just walked around, explored the area a bit more, and then headed back to the hotel to chill out (and for me to write this blog post).

Day 2 of Hong Kong was great! Onwards to Day 3 and more fun with the family 😀


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