Getting Back Behind The Wheel


If you know me personally or follow me on Twitter, you would know that in April this year, I took my practical driving test… and promptly failed miserably.

I’ve been learning since September last year (remember this post?) and in April I was really hoping that all those hours and money spent on driving lessons would pay off and I would be able to drive my dad’s car around.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, because my nerves took over and I did a lot of dumb stuff and long story short I walked away with 32 points and 1 immediate failure (to pass, you need 18 points or less and no immediate failures).

I feel no shame in telling you how much I failed by, because I know I’m not the only one out there.

So after I failed, I didn’t drive for nearly two months- mostly because I couldn’t get lessons, but also because Year 3 of school fell on my head like a giant anvil and possibly cracked my skull. Might explain my newly-developed idiosyncrasies. Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I finally got back behind the wheel of the car after practically seven weeks without driving. I was really nervous because I was terrified that I’d have forgotten everything and have to start from scratch, or that I would do something stupid as I am prone to doing.

Fortunately, things went okay! I stayed in the circuit for the entire lesson, refreshing my circuit stuff. I got a lot of points docked during my test for not checking my blind spots when I’m reversing and parking (among other things) so I worked on that. It was pretty refreshing to get back behind the wheel- it’s a bit like riding a bike, you just sort of fall into it and just need to revise and go slow to remember what you were taught. So I was quite pleased and also thankful that I didn’t totally bomb my lesson.

My instructor for Wednesday also told me “actually, you can drive, you were just nervous during the test and it’s just that you have no confidence and you’re a bit blur”.

That statement is also applicable to many other parts of my life, but it was reassuring nonetheless.

My next lesson I’ll be heading back out on the roads to drive, so fingers crossed that things go well.

Here’s to getting back into driving and hopefully getting my licence soon! Cheers 😀


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