The Pants Story



Ladies and gentlemen, here it is- long-awaited and much-talked about, it’s The Pants Story!

Once upon a time, way back in 2014, Sarach’s sister and Stefith both bought pants online at separate intervals. However, when the pants arrived, they discovered, to their horror, that the pants did not fit. The pair that Sarach’s sister bought was too uncomfortable to be worn and squished in. As for Stefith, the pair she bought was supposed to be high-waisted but when she put them on, they fell to her hips.

Sarach’s sister tried giving the pants to Sarach, whereas Stefith tried to exchange them for a smaller size.

Sarach could not wear the pants as well, and Stefith could not exchange her pants.

One day, Stefith had an epiphany- maybe Sarach could fit into these pants! As such, one day in December 2014, they conducted The Great Pants Exchange – and discovered to their joy, that after exchanging the pants, it fit absolutely perfectly. What had been too small for Sarach and her sister was perfect for Stefith, and what had been too big for Stefith fit Sarach just right.

It was totally meant to be.

So, here it is: The Pants Story, and how they decided to style the respective pairs of pants.



Sarach is wearing: Black top from Mango, pants from Young Hungry Free, and sandals from Hush Puppies.



Stefith is wearing: White top from Bugis Street, pants from MaxLove, heels from Marks & Spencer, sunglasses from H&M, necklace from Won’t You Burn B*tch, and watch from Swatch.


Sarach: First off, those were my sister’s pants and okay fine, I obviously couldn’t wear them as well! We both figured out that Stefith could just fit into them and have it a little baggy like it was supposed to and even if the pants were too loose for her, there was the string to pull it anyway. So to exchange them for this other pair with really nice blue embroidery was perfect and unlike other high-waisted bottoms, these actually sit on my waist. I just need to find a better looking top and nice shoes for my new pants for when I feel fashionable. *flips hair*

Stefith: I’m just really glad the pants didn’t go to waste! I was pretty disappointed when they turned out to be the wrong size, so I’m glad Sarach can wear them. Also she said that she thinks she can wear these when she goes out for internship, so at least they’re useful. And I just realised that the outfit I came up with would look good for a night out in town if I paired it with a black clutch. So yay. Not like I actually do go for nights out in town, but you get what I mean. It could also work with a fitted white shirt, for like more formal occasions.

In conclusion, this story has a happy ending, and both Sarach and Stefith lived happily ever after… until the next time their online shopping sprees go awry.


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