#stefnoms: Of Ice-Cream and Pies


This weekend, while out on a date with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Photographed (also known as my boyfriend), we decided to grab supper at 313 Somerset.

As usual, when it comes to choosing what to eat, we went to stare at the directory and decided to try out whatever looked interesting, which is how we wound up at our first stop: Honey Creme.

Honey Creme has been on my list of things to try for a while- I first discovered it when I went shopping at Somerset and discovered a very long queue leading to the store. That was sometime in late 2014, and the queue was the reason I never got around to eating it when it first opened. It did, however, appear on my Instagram feed a lot, which is why I was pretty happy to give it a try.

Honey Creme is a Taiwanese-South Korean brand, serving South Korean soft serve ice-cream with some interesting flavours and toppings. They even have milk tea ice-cream, which sounds pretty cool.

Soft serve ice-cream with honey (on the left) and dark chocolate (on the right)

Soft serve ice-cream with honey (on the left) and dark chocolate (on the right)

I quite liked the ice-cream- it was creamy and milky, and I do enjoy soft serve ice-cream, which is probably why I liked it a lot. I got mine with honey, but I didn’t really like the taste of the honey and ice-cream. It may be different for someone else though!

I was intensely jealous of the boyfriend’s though- he got one with dark chocolate and sea salt, and the combination of salty and sweet (obviously, I stole a bite) is so amazing. I’m definitely getting that next time.

Honey Creme is a bit on the pricey side (about $5.50 or so for a cup), but it’s great for when you want to treat yourself or have a fun snack while out with your friends. The queue also seems to have become less horrifying with time (I practically didn’t have to queue at all) so it’s certainly worth giving Honey Creme a taste (:

After our ice-cream, we walked around Somerset for a bit, and we discovered Pie-Face. This is a shop that I first read about in 8Days (call me an auntie, I accepted that fact long ago), and they sell pretty delicious pies. They’ve got interesting flavours, like Thai Green Curry Chicken, as well as other things like soups and sandwiches and coffee. However, it was almost closing time when we went to the shop, so not all the flavours were available.

Potato salad, Creamy Mushroom pie, and Chunky Steak pie. I love the expressions on the pie faces.

Potato salad, Creamy Mushroom pie, and Chunky Steak pie. I love the expressions on the pie faces.

We decided to get a Creamy Mushroom pie and a Chunky Steak pie, and we got a free potato salad on the side, probably because they wanted to clear their stock before closing for the night.

The pies were amazing- the Creamy Mushroom pie was rich, and they were very generous with the mushrooms. The Chunky Steak pie wasn’t all that chunky, but the beef was tender and flavourful. The pastry was also nice and flaky, and it wasn’t especially chewy or hard, even though God only knows how long the pies must have been sitting in the display.

However the dressing they had on the potato salad tasted strangely tangy, and it didn’t really go well with the potatoes and the capers. Also, I don’t really like my potatoes cold, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Pie-Face also has outlets at Nex and Bugis Village, so you can bet that I’ll be back to check out their other offerings. They also sell little mini-pies, which would be great for parties.

My stomach was pretty happy at the end of the night, and I’m glad to have been able to try out these two places that have been on my ‘to-eat’ list for a while. Sorry for the lack of photos though- I didn’t actually intend to blog about this till Sarach pointed out that it would be a great post, and by then the food was already all in my belly, oops. Next up… well, if you guys know of any new snacks or any great food, drop me a line! I’m always game to find new things for #stefnoms.


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