#Rahrahskitchen: How to keep failing your macarons


I NEED HELP. I’ve tried baking macarons for about 10 times now (okay, maybe not but maybe around there too) and I keep failing at them. They either not rise nicely, or have no feet. NO FEET. The feet are so hard to get right and I have never gotten any feet on my macarons before. But first, here’s some background information on the perfect macaron before you wonder, “Feet?!”




Yes, I hope that clears it up a little and obviously, I haven’t got any luck on those “flat smooth, shiny shell” let alone the “pied the coveted feet”.

*screams dramatically*

It’s a well-known fact that macarons are hard to perfect. However, despite this and the readily availability of buying one, I still wanted to make my own. It’s kind of a milestone in, well, my baking skills if I actually manage to get it right. Now, it just makes me wonder if I have any baking skills left in me.

In order to not waste too many eggs and ending up with too many failed macarons to eat, I’ve decided to break the original recipe from the guys over at SORTEDfood to fit it to just 1 egg per batch.

  • 1 egg white
  • 50g icing sugar
  • 20g caster sugar
  • 41.6g super fine ground almond

Turns out, these were the best so far


And today, I’ve decided to give it another shot. Resting time was 40mins put next to the oven so it’s not so humid and I thought everything was going to be fine till it came out like this after 10mins


SO UPSETTING. My guess is that the temperature was too high. So it didn’t have enough time to, I don’t know, rise?

In my quest to making the perfect macaron, I will need help. I mean, maybe some tips or if you’ve experienced the same thing as me, we would cry over our failed macarons together and eat them with some amazing lemon curd or nutella.

Please #SaveSarachMacarons


2 thoughts on “#Rahrahskitchen: How to keep failing your macarons

  1. LOL!!! No one ever post on how to keep failing your macarons except you…
    😀 The overbaked cookies look yummy still.
    Don’t be discouraged. Hope to see a post on your perfect macarons soon.


    • AWW Thank you so much for the encouragement! Yes, the overbaked cookies were still quite yummy. Btw, I managed to get feet recently!! But they didn’t look shiny/pretty. Will update with a post when I finally get it right!!


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