School? What school?


The school term has officially started. I haven’t been going to school. No, I didn’t skip class – there’s something called internship. 

So, I’ve been interning at a PR agency as a Junior Associate. Sounds pretty cool right? But I’m just an intern, basically.

Every morning, the same thing happens: flipping through the newspaper and online news sites for media monitoring. This happens for at least a good hour. And then, it depends on what work my colleagues give me. Some days are busier than others, and I may have to stay back a little longer, but that’s fine.

Work has been pretty enjoyable actually. My colleagues are really fun, and I really enjoy working with them, or just simply doing the work together. Being actually in the industry has really opened up a lot of new experiences and opportunities. I’ve actually drafted some media documents (which underwent major editing obviously) and gone for events to help out with facilitating interviews.

Food has been amazing too. Woah, the hawker centre just down the road is good and cheap. There are so many options that everyday, I have the problem of deciding what I want to eat. And there are also loads of small eateries around the area, a bit more expensive, but also equally reasonable.

So, just as a quick update, internship has been good so far. And I actually enjoy it, although it can get tiring, but work is such. Yay!


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