19 Reasons Why Sarach Rocks


Guess what day today is- no prizes if you got it right, but today marks the day this crazy woman/my blogging partner came into the world.

It’s Sarach’s 19th birthday! 😀

Sarach has been such an important part of my life ever since we met in 2013, and I think our friendship has really helped me become a better Catholic and a better person. As such, here are 19 Reasons Why Sarach Rocks.

  1. She reminds me to take care of myself
  2. She makes lamer jokes/puns than I do, so I’m no longer the lamest person I know
  3. She plays the piano really well (meanwhile I can barely carry a tune)
  4. We have similar sleeping habits so I don’t feel like an old woman every time I sleep before midnight
  5. We are mutual crying-about-things buddies
  6. She gets my sarcastic and weird sense of humour
  7. She banters with me so easily (to the point that a mutual friend said we’re like a comedy routine)
  8. My online-shopping buddy, like if I see something I want to buy online (or heck, even IRL) she will hear about it
  9. She shares with me tips for modules she’s taken before and vice versa
  10. Sarach and I are foodie friends because we are constantly on the lookout for good food
  11. She deals with my hysterics
  12. SHE GIVES ME FOOD that is awesome
  13. I can always count on her to do something silly that will make me laugh no matter how bad my mood is
  14. She gives me fashion advice (her advice so far has been pretty good, just saying)
  15. She likes chocolate as much as I do
  16. We both harbour mutual desires of fame, but both agree that we’re too lazy to do anything about it
  17. We exchange ‘bloops’ and ‘meows’, along with cat and fish emojis, and no one understands us
  18. She listens to and considers all my harebrained schemes for the blog (like vlogging and random post ideas)
  19. She’s an amazing friend and the best gal-pal everrrr

Stefith and Sarach, with Frederico the Cactus

So, thank you very much Rahrah for being such an amazing part of my life! Let the potted plant I gave you for your birthday represent our friendship, so may it never die! (It will never die, because it’s an artificial cactus lol)

Stay fab, Sarach! xoxo


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