How I died 309823 times in 2 hours


Not only did I die 309823 times, I’ve also lost enough calories by jumping and screaming at the top of my lungs to cover for all those CNY snacks I ate.

Yes, I’m talking about the One Direction concert.

If you don’t know me, I am a HUGE 1D fan. And by HUGE I mean, really, waiting for 4ever 4 them to come here and that was my biggest dream I’ve ever had that I had a 1D fund to save my money to go to the concert and buy merch.

I’m still in a state of shock and can’t bring myself to look through the photos and videos I took, as well as listen to any of their songs because of post concert depression and how I actuALLY SaW THEM LIvE. Cries for a million years.

Though I’m still quite upset they arrived on concert day, and left on concert day, that night was one of the best nights ever. And to spend it with the best people (shout out to my best friends here) topped the whole thing off. We were so crazy just jumping and enjoying every bit of the concert. When the boys first came on stage with Clouds OH MY GOSH I couldn’t believe my ears, my eyes, my everything.. I couldn’t even sing along to the song properly because I was busy hyperventilating like, it can’t be real, I’m at a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT?!? All I could look at were those 5 amazingly talented people that I have fangirled over the past, I don’t know how many years of my life and stocked up a number of posters and to see them come out of those posters in my bedroom on stage like they were actual human beings – I couldn’t believe it. I literally died that night because that was a dream fulfilled – all I wanted was to hear the boys and their amazing voices live just once and I could die in peace. Really.

I really don’t know if you can get much out of this post, since my thoughts are still all over the place and my dad told all my family members I went for the concert and they all asked how it was (I said I died HAHA it’s true). And as for photos, oh gosh. I don’t even know I didn’t even meet them or anything. Maybe that can be my next dream – you always gotta dream bigger right?


Ok enough. That’s all for One Direction.


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