The F#&$ Jar


The people who get to see me when I cut loose (i.e. the folks with whom I don’t have to be entirely polite company with) know that I’ve got quite a foul mouth.

I can swear like a sailor, and when I get pushed to my limit, I swear to turn the air blue. Unfortunately, it also slips out sometimes when I’m with proper, polite company, when I do things like drop my phone onto the tarmac or knock over my entire can of beer.


Sarach has probably had her ears scandalized by the stuff that comes out of my mouth when I’m having a bad day, and for Lent this year, I decided to give up my second-favourite four letter word- the f#&$ word (my absolute favourite four letter word is ‘sale’ but that’s another post for another day).

I don’t have anything against swearing, but I personally want to clean up my language somewhat.

So for Lent, I decided to do this:

20150228_114701 copy

Folks, this is the F#&$ Jar. It operates in a similar way to a traditional swear jar- every time the word f#&$ leaves my mouth, I have to put SGD1 in it. At the end of Lent, I’ll donate whatever amount is in it to charity.

You may ask- why not do a proper swear jar? Well the last time I tried a no-swear week (back in early 2014), I lasted about thirty-two hours before I lost it when confronted with an extremely crowded printing shop and an assignment deadline. It’s really one of the more effective ways for me to express my anger without breaking anything.

It was so not a pretty sight.

But you know what is a pretty sight? My jar. jar

I decided to decorate my jar, because 1. I had the urge to do something crafty and 2. If it’s going to be a constant reminder of my failure it may as well look pretty on my desk.

Oh yeah.

I’m writing this post to ask for help as well- if you catch me losing my cool and letting loose this particular swear word, remind me of what I promised for Lent. (But if you do in a self-righteous, stuck-up way, you may end up in a conversation with my fist).

So, baby steps! This year, my favourite four-letter swear word. Next year, maybe something more? I’m not even sure about how successful I’ll be this year (I already have $4 in the jar, oh no) but there’s no harm in trying!

What are you giving up for Lent this year? Whatever it is and no matter how successful you are- have a meaningful Lent ahead!


2 thoughts on “The F#&$ Jar

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