Lunar New Year Feels


Note: We realise we always end up posting about big occasions after the fact, or by cutting it very close (like our 2014 year in review). This is because we get so caught up in all the fun and excitement it’s only afterwards we realise we haven’t blogged and go ‘uh oh’.

We’re ridiculous.

The Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year has come upon us with a great shower of yu sheng, pineapple tarts, red packets, lion dances and festive cheer. We’ve both been feeling particularly happy about this Chinese New Year (CNY), largely because our exams are over and we are kissing goodbye to what everyone says is the worst year of our 3-year polytechnic career.

As such, we decided to share with everyone some of our feelings about CNY :3


Our Favourite Aspect of CNY

Sarach: I get to see the entire famz bamz!! Especially those that I hardly meet throughout the year. Friends too, meeting up and catching up. And of course the amazing food and my grandma’s ngoh hiong which I only get during CNY and she makes them by hand!

Stefith: The money. Nah, I’m kidding- I’m materialistic, but not that much. My favourite aspect of CNY is actually the visiting- there are many relatives that I only see once a year during CNY visitations and reunion dinners, so it’s great meeting them all. I’m always especially surprised at how fast the small children grow- like hello were you not like as tall as my knee last year?

Our Favourite CNY Goodies

Sarach: By goodies I think we mean all the tidbits right? I love those home baked things. I find that it’s during CNY where you see all the hidden baking talents. Not that I baked anything year, but I love my Mom’s cashew and macadamia cookies. And also, my Aunt’s butter cookies shaped in a flower and that awesome one small piece of chocolate chip in the middle. Yeah it’s cute ok. And my family friend’s pineapple tarts are so good – shaped uniquely in a rose too!

Stefith: My favourite goodies at CNY are kueh bangkit, kueh lapis, and cashew nuts. I know I can eat cashew nuts at any time of the year, but for some reason they just taste better at CNY. My least favourite goodie at CNY is bak kwa– it just does not taste nice at CNY okay- personally, I feel the quality drops because the companies are rushing to make it for the festive season.

Some Family CNY Traditions

Eve of CNY – Dad’s side reunion dinner, then to my cousin’s house for more food and talk.
Day 1 – People come to me yo. More food and talk and little kids at my place. Which is really nice because that’s where I get to see almost everyone from my Mom’s side and everyone’s just really happy eating and talking
Day 2 – Visiting more houses and more eating and hoping I won’t grow fat for the next few days.

Stefith: My maternal grandma will have us all back at her house the weekend before CNY, and we have steamboat! It’s amazingly delicious. We also have a giant reunion dinner with all my maternal relatives, which is cool too. On my paternal side, we have a special tradition for 初二, which is the second day of the new year. In the morning, we’ll go do some kind of physical activity (it was soccer this year), and then go eat Indian food. In the late afternoon, we’ll head over to my uncle’s house where we gamble, sing, talk nonsense and eat prata and mee goreng. It’s fantastic, and I usually end up drinking more beer than I should.

CNY 2015: How was it?

Sarach: It’s alright. I guess. Nothing out of the ordinary except embracing my inner Aunty with all the nieces and nephews. Oops.

Also, I get to chill and relax unlike last year where I remember rushing to assignments. Gosh terrible time it was. And this CNY being The start of Lent as well, it’s kinda hard to not eat meat last Friday so I guess I’ll have to abstain another day.

Stefith: It was especially awesome, because my last exam fell on the day before the Eve, and let me tell you, freedom tastes so sweet. Also this year, I got to meet a lot of my tiny distantly-related nieces and nephews (my second cousins’ children) who are at the mobile stage, so they can run around the house and talk to you and they’re generally quite cute.

And then they start screaming and shrieking, and Auntie Stefith siams far away.

On my dad’s side this new year was a quieter one, because a lot of my relatives were overseas for work/studies, and also since my grandma passed on, we generally have less people visiting my grandparents’ house now. But we still had lots of fun, and while I don’t gamble (I always lose, so I’ve given up), it was lovely seeing my family enjoy themselves. They even came up with a new chant for Chinese blackjack/ban luck– “picture, picture, lai lai lai, banker, banker, die die die”, in the hope the banker would go bust and have to pay everyone at the table. Such fun.

I had a good CNY, and well, just being with family is always a great thing. (Sarach: same here. :D)


That’s our feelings about the Lunar New Year in general (: We hope you had a great new year as well. From the two of us, stay 羊 (young) and fabulous. Have a happy Year of the Goat!


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