What I Think About Tinder



it’s going down, i’m yelling tinder

Answer: Nothing.

Okay, I kid. Maybe not ‘nothing’, seeing as I do have opinions on everything and anything,

Before we go any further, just let me make a declaration – I don’t have a Tinder account. I live the Tinder life vicariously through my friends, who gleefully spend hours swiping left on everybody who crosses their path. Okay, sometimes they swipe right as well, but apparently, there is a strange satisfaction in swiping left with great glee.

Like I said, I don’t have a Tinder account, but some of my friends seem to get a massive kick out of it.

First things first, what is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app, which allows you to filter other people by age, gender and location. You are then presented with names, photos, ages, and short bios. Looking through the photos, you swipe left if they don’t meet your standards, and swipe right if they do. Tinder only allows people to chat if they’ve both swiped right on each other’s profile- so if you get a match with that hot guy you went ga-ga over, rest assured he thinks you’re pretty cute too. Probably.

Additionally, Tinder works using your Facebook account, so everyone you come across during your happy-swipey-journey is probably separated from you by no more than two or three degrees. That means they’re probably not a creepy serial killer!


Given the ability to filter by location and judge people based off their looks, Tinder was, according to what I’ve found on the Internet, used a lot for hookups and one night stands. I’m not sure if that’s what happened in Singapore, but the app has certainly evolved.

Right now, it’s a dating app. Remember those dating agencies like LunchActually? Well, this is something like that, but compressed into something handy on your smartphone! People use it to find potential partners, or heck, even just potential friends. Also, really: physical attractiveness is often the first trait people notice, so the whole judging people on their looks and stuff isn’t really that shallow. It’s actually something that is kind of wired into our DNA. But that’s a blog post for another day.

Of course, as with all dating apps, you’re going to encounter your fair share of creeps and crazies along the way. One of my friends has had notoriously bad luck with guys on Tinder thus far- all the guys she’s found cute (i.e. she swiped right) have turned out to be chauvinists or jerks. There was even one guy who straight up asked her for her height and weight- like hello, unsubtle much? And another one who was pretty much just looking for a hookup because he said she “turned him on”.

Actually, I think it was the same guy. Bleargh.

But don’t worry- if Mr Hottie turns out to be Mr Total Asshole, you can always unmatch him and he’ll be gone from your life forever.

All this doesn’t answer my main topic of conversation: what do I think about Tinder?

In my opinion, it’s simply the next stage of evolution in the human courtship process. Given all the new technology that abounds, it simply makes sense to make use of gadgets and gizmos in the pursuit of your one true love. Additionally, people are leading busier and busier lives- they don’t have the time to go to a party, or to a club, in an effort to expand their social circle. As such, dating apps provide them a solution to their time-strapped search for their soulmate.

By all means, give Tinder a whirl. From what I hear it’s worth a shot. Not that I’ll ever use Tinder, but I won’t judge you if you do.

Alternatively, just have fun swiping left on everybody you see. There’s a strange sort of joy in doing so. I think it’s because you get to judge all these people (much joy) and it makes you feel like a higher power.

Also: if you’re meeting up with someone on Tinder face-to-face for the first time, go to a crowded, well-lit, public place. Go with a friend. Bring the pepper spray.

Whatever it is, stay safe, folks! Happy Tinder-ing.


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